I am retired male who just got permanent  residency in Brazil.  Will i have to pay taxes  on my USA retirement  pension?? I am not interested  in coming a Brazilian citizen.

Hello AlabamaRich,

Unfortunately, by owning a Brazilian permanent visa you automatically become a Brazilian tax resident and is due t pay taxes in the country.

However, Brazil and USA have a reciprocity of treatment, thus, this means that taxes paid in the US over the income received can be offset with the tax due in Brazil.

As said US and Brazil has a tax treaty. If all income is US, no filing in BR. Now you do have to file FBAR if you have a BR bank account.
You do pay taxes on property in BR (Car-house and such)

If you a newbie here I really would not worry about tax at this stage, you're a small fish
never been asked anything about my affairs outside of Brazil and I'm a Citizen....If you not working here and receiving a fat salary in a Brazilian account I wouldn't even worry about it for the first year or two til you find your feet

Just study FATCA
There are plenty materials there. 
As for Brazilian Taxes, any taxable income here derived from local sources is taxable.
That means, draw funds from the US, and avoid getting licenses, and pay most of what you need in cash. Avoid big ticket items.

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