Power cuts and Internet in Goa


We are about to arrive in Goa soon and had a question about the current state of power cuts and internet.

Are you still experiencing power cuts? If so, can you let us know how frequent they are and how long they typically last? Improving or getting worse?

Also internet. The last blog I read said it was awful but it was an older thread. How is the internet if I purchase my own to carry around? Are there generally issues connecting within houses or in certain areas? Wondering who the most reliable and/or affordable service providers are.

Is it the same across all of India? Kerala specifically?

Any advise would be so appreciated!


    Jio, Airtel​ & Vodafone are the big 3 telcos in India. You need a 4g phone if using jio sim.

  Here in Mangalore ( just above the northern tip of Kerala), jio connectivity is good. Airtel is also ok. The connectivity in the cities is generally quite ok. It gets spotty when you move to rural areas. Once you settle in a neighborhood, ask around before deciding on your service provider. If moving around India, better to stick to one of the big 3.

Not sure about power cuts in Goa. If power cuts is an issue, it might be a good idea to look for rentals with inverter facility.

Power cuts are less often. Situation has improved. Depending on weather like rains n winds u may experience power cuts.  Inter has definitely improved with a lot of players in the market it's be one cheap n better connectivity.
I would suggest Reliance Jio, internet service provider, as it has more on offer than rest players. N it's speed is 4g.
Rest fingers crossed.
Hope u have a memorable experience.

Thanks very much!

Thank you 😊

Hi Marija! Check out this video i went through, would help :)  https://goo.gl/yvDrNA

Power is very much in abundance and with the presence of many ISP's , the internet with 4g is easy to avail @ cost effective plans.

just be careful on sharing the passport for the verification and release of the connection.



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