In Germany with Job seeker Visa + Unable to find job

I am in Germany on a job seeker visa and its been three months since i landed in Germany. I am looking for jobs as Agile Coach or Scrum Master. I also have technical developer experience. I do not know German.

I applied for around 30 companies directly and also through sites like stepstone, linkedIn etc. But I could not find any job placement agencies  or  consultant agencies who can help me find a job.

As of now i could just two interview calls and still waiting for next rounds. Can someone help me finding job placement agencies or head hunters who can help me find a job.

As you have encountered, it is not asy to find a job (even in a sought-after category like experienced Agile Coach and Scrum Master) without German language skills. After all, you are automatically excluded from roles that require interaction with German customers, partners, suppliers or colleagues. This reduces your niche to very small to non-existent.
But after just three months, you are still at the beginning of a job search, which typically takes much longer - 6 - 12 months should be realistic in a specialized field like yours. (For comparison, I needed 5 months at the beginning of the year, despite being German and easily employable. I also sent out far more applications than you, leading to just two interviews.)
There are no headhunters who actively help you find a job. They are usually engaged by employers to fill vacancies and would deal with you only if there are fitting job descriptions in their pool at the time you approach them. You can find them through job listing pages like Stepstone.
There is, of course, always the possibility that you don't find a job and must return empty-handed. That's why you should have a plan B that you needed to describe in your motivation letter for the job seeker visa application.

They respond very fast and in germany you need german language of B1 level at least, and there are job fairs, have you tried jobborse (federal job agency) and dont give up hope , keep trying.
hope this helps.

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