Singaporeans based in Bangkok

Finally, found my feet after 6 months of being in the Kingdom.

If there are any Singaporeans currently working or studying in Bangkok, and are keen for social meet-ups, do let me know and we can try and plan a few things.

This is more ad-hoc and personal, not business networking.

Let me know, and awaiting your replies....LAH



I'm from Singapore currenty I'm studying in Bangkok. what about you?

I'm currently residing and working in Bangkok. Been here since 2017 first quarter

What is your current field of study?

I'm currently study the basic of thai lesson. what are you working as?

I work in a clerical function for a local insurance company here

is there any work you could recommend me? I'm quite interested to work in Thailand

Maybe you could speak with a headhunter or check out the jobs section.

Purpose of my thread is more towards social and casual arrangements. Not business. Good luck

Hi there,

I am Singaporean based in Bangkok.  Would love to get connected and just catch up.

Hope to hear from you.

Best Regards,
Pamela TAN :)

Hi Pamela,

Yes I'm currently staying with my gf and studying in Bangkok. Yes feel free to catch up. Currently what are you doing in Bangkok?

hey guys

I am based in BKK too. In the financial Industry.

How are you guys and what are you guys up to ?

Hi to my fellow singaporean 👋

Moved to bkk since mid 2017, working hard in the small business that was set up.  😅

Whats ur biz about

It’s for paint and surface protection in both installation n supply

Suddenly the thread picked up!

Happy to see new faces

Hi everyone

My name is Dominic

I am 34 and have been in thailand for the past 11 years

We should all set up a whatsapp, line or wechat group for easy communication

Nice to see more n more people here

There are many Singaporeans and Malaysians all across Thailand. Some are employers doing their own business and some are employees in high position etc

There are many on low profile too

If you need to socialize or business links, there's SG social club, SG Thai chamber of commerce, Kelab Malaysia and M'sia Thai chamber of commerce too.

All the above organisations have activities, golf games, national Day dinner etc

There's ASEAN nite dinner too whereby all the 10 countries people have dinner and dance.

Hi guys,

great to see many replies.

First, disclaimer, I am only a normal member of SCOT (Singapore Club of Thailand). Not promoting them, just sharing events

They have a CNY lunch in March -

For those who are keen to meet new people and would like to Lo Hei together, good chance to tag along event. RSVP details on website.

Hope to see you guys there


Any new Sinkies in the fray?

let's catchup over chai yen and complain a little how the recent rain disrupts our dailies here!
Maybe talk a little about football, if that's of interest :P

hi phieTan,

Yes the rain has been disruptive and wet.

Happy to catch up if schedule permits, do let me know via PM

Football - World Cup fever over but start of the European leagues. Don't follow much locally but i know a few Singaporeans are playing here in the Thai league

Sorry, it is a question.

Do you happen to know where many Japanese people live in Bali. I am thinking of moving to Bali!

Hi. Maybe try to look out at the Indonesia forum. Bali is not part of Thailand

Singapore Club of Thailand (SCOT) has an event soon. Check it out

Annual CNY event. Please join us … 87/?ti=icl

Keen on casual weekend golf? There's an event soon

The good news is, all proceeds will also be used for charity thereafter: … -golf-meet

Thanks. I hate golf though. May consider driving holiday to khaoyai in couple of months when work not so hectic. ;)


there is a small event coming up, arranged by SCOT (Singapore Club of Thailand)

Event is held at 4th April from 10am to 1230pm. Weekday

Basically SCOT is bringing physically / mentally disabled ladies from the Rachawadee Home for this short outing. It's a tour of Sea Life Bangkok - Siam Paragon

For us, we get to enjoy a discounted ticket price of THB280 per person.

What I understand is there will be around 30 disabled students that will be accompanied by some of the helpers from the home as well. Volunteers like us may be required to supervise or do basic assistance like assisting a student in a wheelchair for example.

If you are keen to help out, see you at the Sea Life entrance on the above date. Thank you

Hi fellow Singaporeans,

Jasper here! I have just received an offer to relocate and work in Bangkok, and I would like to seek some opinions from my fellow singaporeans on this decision, as its a big decision to move from Singapore to Bangkok.

What made you guys decide to move? And do you have any advice for me?

I am currently 29 years old, single.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Jas,

Thanks for checking in

I guess many people have a variety of reasons.

For myself this is my second overseas posting and both locations have been in Asia. This is suitable for my circumstance as I am the only child and Singapore would be easily accessible.

Hopefully this prepares my career development when I go back home eventually.

Best wishes to you whichever decision you make


Hmm I understand.
How about the cost of rental and utilities in bangkok?

I would like to make sure when i negotiate a salary it has to be sufficient to pay for these additional costs.

Thanks in advance!

It really depends on your lifestyle and what sort of convenience you would like.

If you stay at apartments closer to the public transportation like the BTS/MRT they will cost more. Or you could stay nearer to your workplace to cut down traffic time or reliance of a private vehicle (car)

If you stay in strategic areas, your rent cost will go up as well.

I wouldn’t worry about utilities. It’s not very expensive.

You should review more on the allowances you would be getting and tax arrangements as income tax here is a lot compared to Singapore.

i just came to bangkok on Monday. Trying to settle down with a place first

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore Club of Thailand (SCOT) will be having an NDP lunch in Bangkok.

our new Singapore Ambassador to Thailand, His Excellency Mr Kevin Cheok, will also be there

Here are some details:

Date: 17 August 2019 Saturday

Time: 1130h Registration starts, 12noon lunch till 1430hr

Fee: THB 800/ Adult, THB 400/child (5-12 yrs) , Free for child <5 yrs old

Venue: Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Ping's Restaurant (Level 2 )

Menu: All kinds of Singapore food like Laksa, Chicken Rice, Prawn Mee, Curry Puffs Etc etc!

If you are around and would like to mingle with fellow Singaporeans to commemorate our NDP, please join us if your schedule permits

Kindly note to RSVP with SCOT directly - scotthailand[at] |

Hi Bangkok is a fantastic place to live in. Food there is cheap ( unless u wan eat in restaurants.. if yes I find the prices r even higher than in SG!!! ), accommodation is affordable too...
U can consider renting service apt for longer term.. it is more affordable if u rent it on long term basis..example Urbana Sathorn ( it's got kitchen..deep soak bathtub, balcony, washing machine and just about everything and room service..gym..pool... ).. it depends how much u earn. But compare the same standard back to SG and it's like Bangkok is so so so much more affordable for a quality lifestyle..

I'm a Singaporean who is hoping to live full time in Bangkok but I have been there countless times... so so many times in a month sometimes the custom officer gives me a suspecting look lol...
I hope I can read thai. I think learning to read thai is so difficult. I am curious though.. do the international firms need you to read and speak thai as well? or just English will do?
Can anyone answer me?

By the way I am a freelance accountant, travelling between Singapore and Bangkok and am hoping to fetch more contracts from Bangkok and eventually set up a firm there. =)

Thank you guys =)

Hi Olive,

The only real advice I tell people is that, living in Bangkok for work compared to a holiday can be very different. I wouldn't put that thought in the same basket

Regarding your language question. It is not a yes or no. It depends on many factors. I have met several foreign people during my stay in Thailand. Some have been here for more than 10 years, but don’t speak the language. Some are here on short stints but make an effort to try and pick the language up.

Whom you deal with - If most of your interaction within your industry are local people. Do not always assume they can speak English. Remember, this is not their first language. Best to get a translator as business language in Thai is a little formal

Location - if you are in the heart of central Bangkok, you likely can get away with it. Touristy areas especially cater to more than 1 language other than Thai. However, if you are staying further away in mostly local communities, this could be a slight inconvenience.

Things you would like to do - if you have zero interest in Thai culture or understanding their values much, you would not need to know Thai. I have known some people who come here and just live quietly, with not much expectations or adventure. They just see out their contracts and go home, they feel no value to learn or read Thai

So how do most people who refuse to learn Thai get around issues?

They likely have a full time translator
They likely have a Thai spouse
They indulge only with foreign communities
They do not fraternise much with locals
At the end of the day, knowing basic Thai could be seen as courteous. Does it help much? It varies from asking for directions, ordering your food to even something complex like reading a business contract.

If you can’t. It’s not the end of the world

Thank you. That was a very insightful reply.
Can you tell me in your opinion, apart from language, what would you say is the biggest challenge a Singaporean has to face or overcome for working in Bangkok?
Thank you.

Money i guess. Income tax is high in the kingdom. And unless you get a very good expatriate contract, it is quite likely you will earn more back home

Another item is efficiency. When you apply for a work permit, visa, driver licence - it can be quite a chore. It's not as easy as back home, again

Other things like skills, culture, language, etc - you can pick up on the way

Working any where has it's challenges, it's really how we face and address them

I can see from your original post, you likely know much more recreational spots than me. But this is more a personal choice

Singapore Embassy in Bangkok

Consular Information - 2 Aug 2019

There have been media reports of small explosions and devices found in several locations in Bangkok this morning. We advise Singaporeans in Bangkok or travelling to Bangkok to exercise caution and monitor the local media for latest developments. You are also encouraged to eRegister with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at

Should Singaporeans require any consular assistance, please contact the Singapore Embassy in Bangkok at +66 2 348 6700 (during office hours) or at +66 81 844 3580 (after office hours). Alternatively, you can reach the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office at +65 6379 8800 or +65 6379 8855 (24 hours).

glad to have found this thread. i just relocated to Bangkok.

Dear Sinkies,

The Singapore Club of Thailand (SCOT) is organizing a Movie Day cum Lunch Gathering in September 2019 for a time of fun and camaraderie!

These are some basic details:

Date: 28 September 2019, Saturday
Venue: SF WORLD CINEMA Central World (Level 7)
Movie: AD ASTRA               
Ticket Collection Time: 11.15AM [at]Movie Lobby Level 7
Movie Starting Time: 11.30AM (Tentative)
Price per seat: THB 260 for Premium or THB 290 for Prime

After the movie, everyone is welcome to join SCOT for lunch at a nearby restaurant

if you are keen, please contact The Singapore Club of Thailand. Deadline to officially register is by 25th September 2019

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