Singaporeans based in Bangkok

Finally, found my feet after 6 months of being in the Kingdom.

If there are any Singaporeans currently working or studying in Bangkok, and are keen for social meet-ups, do let me know and we can try and plan a few things.

This is more ad-hoc and personal, not business networking.

Let me know, and awaiting your replies....LAH



I'm from Singapore currenty I'm studying in Bangkok. what about you?

I'm currently residing and working in Bangkok. Been here since 2017 first quarter

What is your current field of study?

I'm currently study the basic of thai lesson. what are you working as?

I work in a clerical function for a local insurance company here

is there any work you could recommend me? I'm quite interested to work in Thailand

Maybe you could speak with a headhunter or check out the jobs section.

Purpose of my thread is more towards social and casual arrangements. Not business. Good luck

Hi there,

I am Singaporean based in Bangkok.  Would love to get connected and just catch up.

Hope to hear from you.

Best Regards,
Pamela TAN :)

Hi Pamela,

Yes I'm currently staying with my gf and studying in Bangkok. Yes feel free to catch up. Currently what are you doing in Bangkok?

hey guys

I am based in BKK too. In the financial Industry.

How are you guys and what are you guys up to ?

Hi to my fellow singaporean 👋

Moved to bkk since mid 2017, working hard in the small business that was set up.  😅

Whats ur biz about

It’s for paint and surface protection in both installation n supply

Suddenly the thread picked up!

Happy to see new faces

Hi everyone

My name is Dominic

I am 34 and have been in thailand for the past 11 years

We should all set up a whatsapp, line or wechat group for easy communication

Nice to see more n more people here

There are many Singaporeans and Malaysians all across Thailand. Some are employers doing their own business and some are employees in high position etc

There are many on low profile too

If you need to socialize or business links, there's SG social club, SG Thai chamber of commerce, Kelab Malaysia and M'sia Thai chamber of commerce too.

All the above organisations have activities, golf games, national Day dinner etc

There's ASEAN nite dinner too whereby all the 10 countries people have dinner and dance.

Hi guys,

great to see many replies.

First, disclaimer, I am only a normal member of SCOT (Singapore Club of Thailand). Not promoting them, just sharing events

They have a CNY lunch in March -

For those who are keen to meet new people and would like to Lo Hei together, good chance to tag along event. RSVP details on website.

Hope to see you guys there


Any new Sinkies in the fray?

let's catchup over chai yen and complain a little how the recent rain disrupts our dailies here!
Maybe talk a little about football, if that's of interest :P

hi phieTan,

Yes the rain has been disruptive and wet.

Happy to catch up if schedule permits, do let me know via PM

Football - World Cup fever over but start of the European leagues. Don't follow much locally but i know a few Singaporeans are playing here in the Thai league

Sorry, it is a question.

Do you happen to know where many Japanese people live in Bali. I am thinking of moving to Bali!

Hi. Maybe try to look out at the Indonesia forum. Bali is not part of Thailand

Singapore Club of Thailand (SCOT) has an event soon. Check it out

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