German Language Course with Accreditted Certificate

Would like to ask if anyone of you here knows or has an idea where and how to get a German Language Course ?  (With Accreditted Certificate after the course.)
Would like to get an A1 certificate,is there any online German Language Course i can take? Where and how,please leave me a comment here, or drop a message in my inbox.
Godbless us all!
Iyı Akşamlar!

google it

Hı, Borraro!
I've done ıt,but ı want to know ıf someone has trıed somewhere here ın Istanbul and how's the process.
I guess ıt would be more better to ask someone here who have done ıt before,than messıng up wıth google 😂😁 after all,what's the use of thıs sıte ıf ı wont ask,we're here to get answers to our questıons.
Anyway,do u have any ıdea/websıte to recommend so ı can ''Google'' ıt.?

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