South African visas

Hi all

I am Sunel Kukkuk from South Africa, planning on moving to Germany before the end of December.

My husband and I are in the process of applying for visas to move to Germany. My husband qualifies for a Blue Card and I will be applying for a family reunification visa. We are however a bit stressed regarding timelines as we only have our visa appointments in November and my husband need to start on 15 January 2018. When did you move to Germany and how long did you wait for your visa to be approved?

I will really appreciate your assistance!!

I don't know how long a Blue Card takes (ask at the embassy!), but a family reunion visa is normally three months or more. This depends not only on the embassy, but also the foreigner authority of the town you intend to move to (and which will thus process your visa). Many of them are currently overwhelmed by the large number of foreigners arriving.

Sometimes when one pays more it is done somehow faster. You need to find out if or how this works. Have been away from SA already 11 years. Wife is german, so bit different. We're in Lörrach area, close to Basel. I do not have much more info sorry. Hope all falls in place for you 2!

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