Regarding Germany job seeker visa

Hi,  I want to apply for germany job seeker visa. I have a question:_I have 7 years gap in  my experience. Will it be problem to get visa.

You sent me the same question by PM - and I have replied there.
In future, please post here only, so others can also contribute their answers - and more readers can benefit from the information given.

Thanks for response.
Yes I would ask my query in forum publicly only.

I hope you are doing good.
I have question regarding start date of Germany job seeker visa.
Who decide the starting date candidate or embassy?
Suppose on 5th August I got approval of visa,  then by default  they would set the starting date.  Or candidate has this option?
If candidate  has this option then in above case can I take starting date 15th January,  which is around after 5 months?
Your help would be appreciated.

Such specific questions are best addressed to rhe embassy.

Did you get clarity on your doubt regarding start date of job seeker visa? If yes please post the findings....

I have received my jsv on 20/11/17.  I had specifically asked for the date of entry in Germany and my health insurance starts from that specific date.  The visa is issued is also as per my requested date.

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