2000 very beautiful photos of PR


There is a FB page, Expats in PR, linked above. Not a big group and you don't need to join. If you scroll down,down, down, you will come across a set of 4 photo's, 1 full size with 3 smaller pics on the side. The last one on the side has +2170 or some number written on it. Click that, but get your drink and popcorn first.

Absolutely the best fotos I've seen of what was and hopefully will be again a very beautiful place.
I viewed maybe the first 200-300 and quit for the night, some dupes, or the same scene but diff angle but OMG well worth those skippers. 

This collection is obviously by professional photographers. Every special place you have ever heard about in PR is captured, and many places I never heard of. All the beaches from all the coasts, mountain scenes, all the famous waterfalls and some I'd never heard of, the State Parks, OLD SJ, the out islands.

A lucky find for me. Highly recommended to remember what it was and hopefully will be again in the not too distant.

Thank you, for the link.  Some gorgeous beautiful photos!

Good find!   :top:

Really lucky, I love surfing them.

The thing that really makes it cool is on the side pane for each it tells you where the scene is located.

Yes!  More locations for us to check out someday :)

Thanks for sharing!

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