Teaching english in Tehran

Hello Expat forum,

I am a freshly certified English teacher from Australia.

I am interested in traveling aboard to teach English. My first stop will be Iran.

There appears to be no official job advertisements for positions in the area.
So, I've created a list of schools to contact and will begin doing so soon.

I am particularly interested in teaching in Tehran, as a friend of mine lives there.
I will be looking to stay and work for no longer than 6 months.

Does anyone have any experience to share?

Any advice on finding a job in advance compared to using the tourist visa and finding work on the ground? I am new to traveling and work - it is exciting!

Any stories and advice is welcome, thanks in advance,


Interesting question. I hope someone has an informative answer. I did see someone's statement on reddit about running into problems with trying to work as an expat teacher there.

there are a lot of language institution specially in Tehran which welcome to native language teachers,
you can send your resume and send ads in related sites like: irantalent, divar,shypoor.
or even you can call the institute managers and have relationship with them via social network softwares like telegram and so..

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