need to get 9-1 pensioners visa

live in NYC do I need to get lawyer to do paper work or can i do it myself thanks Joseph and i I do it myself how do I go about It ???

Welcome to the Ecuador forum, Joseph.

The days when an arriving Expat in Ecuador could get such a pensioners visa within several months .. and then live in Ecuador indefinitely .. are over.

The country changed to a more restrictive system this year under which a pensioner can get a two-year "temporary" visa as the first major step in the process.

For a tutorial in English on the changes in the visa law, search on this site off the Ecuador forum welcome page .. or google: 2017 visa changes ....

The home page for the Cancillería, the agency that processes visas for Ecuador, is

Of course, it's in Spanish, although they once attempted to provide English translation for some pages.

If you're lost after visiting these sources, contact a visa facilitator or immigration lawyer in Ecuador .. or your consulate/embassy in the U.S.

cccmedia, on the road near Tulcán, Ecuador

Joseph C Maffucci :

I live in NYC .. do I need to get a lawyer to do paper work or can i do it myself?

Historically, 92 percent of arriving new Expats have hired an attorney or visa facilitator to assist them.

The other eight percent are mostly geeks and savants who love the challenge of dealing with foreign-language bureaucracies and the fancy curveballs their hurlers throw.

In the last several years, more Cuenca-based Expats have been able to navigate the process without hiring a professional .. as the Cuenca-area office has provided more English-speaking personnel than other Cancillería offices in Ecuador.

I hired an attorney in Quito in 2013 to do this for me, and when things got complicated .. I was glad I did. :)


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