Another newbie in Riyadh needs a rental agent

Just landed in Riyadh. Contract offers dump for free or less than 20,000 SAR per year for housing.
No brainer, right?

This is where rental agent comes in. I'm wlling to pay someone who can find me a nice flat for above price.

We'll discuss how much less later. Meanwhile, it has to be near Al Farazdaq Rd.

PS: I hate Riyadh traffic & it must be within walking distance.

Hi Emilio Largo,

Feel free to have a look at the real estate professionals listed in our business directory : Real estate in Riyadh

Good luck


Do you have the web site name, I think it has "izzle" in the name, is it "Dubizzle"?

Dubizzle is used in UAE


Try this website, they even have an app it's easier.
The link will take u to appartments in the requested area, sorry couldn't find the language bare.

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