Would like to hear from fellow Malaysians

Hi There..:)

My name is Divya & I'm from Malaysia. I have been to Sri Lanka twice and its amazing, and I've decided to stay in Sri Lanka a little longer.  I'm in the midst of applying to study/work in Nawala, Sri Lanka this December. 

Would like to hear from fellow Malaysians, maybe a little help on the application process. So far I have only done my application for the course, and they will be helping me with the visa application. and I have been asked to give a cert of good conduct too (not sure if its necessary) and its currently in process.

If there is any information that would be helpful for my move to Sri lanka, please do share them here.

Can't wait for my new start in Sri lanka. Hope to have a wonderful experience again.

Hi divyadorai,

Piece of cake u go any those metroplitan universities in colombo, some are local some are foreighn, they get ur visa and loans. u need only pay them, some get u accommodation also.

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