Remote work from Tokyo


I am IT specialist working from home. At the moment I am still living in England, but I plan on relocating to France very soon.

I want to make my dream comes true - living in Japan for at least a few months (I previously spent 1 month holiday in Tokyo and Kyoto in April 2017, needing less to say that I loved the country).

I am planning on going back there during this coming spring/summer. As a French citizen, I do not need to apply for any VISA if my stay is shorter than 3 months, therefore, initially I want to spend 2 to 3 months there and see whether I want to relocate there for a longer period.

I started this post stating my profession because I am looking for an accommodation that would be suitable for home working (ideally more than a tiny 9-meter square and furnished with a desk).  Obviously Airbnb is not an option due to the period of my stay and to the fact that I am going alone.

I looked at different guest houses websites (sakura housse, oak, etc.) but to be honest they all look like a proper rip-off paying more than £600/month for a tiny 9 meter square far from the heart of Tokyo, surely I can find better!

Do not get me wrong I do not mind being far from Tokyo as long as I can still get there via train/subway within 40 - 60 mins for a reasonable price. I am focusing my search on South of Tokyo especially the Kawasaki area.

If someone got any valuable advice or recommendations, please do not hesitate to fire away or to drop me a private message.


Hello, have you already moved to Tokyo?  If you are still looking for a room in Tokyo, please contact me.  Thanks!

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