Where to live in Alicante Region

My husband and I have been thinking of buying a holiday home in the Alicante Region, with the view to maybe one day living there, only thing is we do not have a clue where.
We would like somewhere within walking distance to local amenities, walking distance to a beach, don't mind if its a 30 minuet one.
Please can anyone give us a starting point.

Hi do you want to live on an urbanisation , there are many along the Coast , with high expat populations , There are many in the Torrevieja area , I live inland rural so totally different to what you are looking for

Maybe you should come over for a couple of weeks hire a car and go exploring , finding the area that is right for you is most important
good luck


Thank you Toni for your relply, we have been advised to rent first to see if we like the area we pick and yes your right i think we need to come over a few times.

Yes renting would be a good idea , do you want an expat area or more Spanish area

I would like more spanish with one or two ex pats just to give us some tips

Well  Campello is very nice , it has a beautiful beach and is still very Spanish , well connected by the tram to Alicante and rest of north Costa blanca

My in-laws are now thinking of doing the same but they are thinking of getting a static mobile home, do you know of any and one that lets you have a dog?
Regards Bebro

There is a static site near Campello called Colmar , sorry don't know too much about it , remember ground rent can be expensive , and caravans can get hot in the summer ,


   Take a look at Denia, its the largest town in Costa blanca north after Benidorm.
Fantastic for all year living and for holidays.


Denia is originally (and still is) a harbour town, shipping port (for oranges, citrus and other agricultural commodities). But first and foremost, Denia is known as a fishing port, which has been its status for generations. Many places along the coast attempt to retain this image of a " Charming fishing village with good restaurants which only use fresh ingredients"- Denia certainly lives up to this description, and this cannot be said of all the towns in the Costa Blanca. The city receives fresh fish from the Mediterranean every day, and the first class restaurants (*** Michelin) along the harbour and the beach promenade get their fresh seafood from the daily fishing auction. Denia´s 300 restaurants base their dishes on the best the sea has to offer, combined with agricultural products from the Valencia region, and the result is infamous well beyond Denia´s town’s limits. The best known dishes are probably the famous "Denia red prawn" and a rice dish without comparisons; " arroz a banda". Apart from that, you will find a number of other dishes such as; grilled vegetables, large selection of fish, squid and shellfish. Denia is without doubt seen to be a culinary highlight. Denia is a UNESCO City of gastronomy.

Denia has a Port and Marina packed with beautiful boats and fabulous restaurants and ferry boats to the Balearic islands, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

One of the most visited tourist attractions of Denia is the castillo (castle). The castle built in the 11th and 12th century offers a wonderful view around the sea, the city and the backlands. Within the castle you will find the Palau del Governador with its museum. Along with the other interesting museums in Denia, the Museo Etnologico will give you further details on the rich history and culture of Denia. You should also do some shopping along the main road of Calle de Marques de Campo they have some wonderful shops, you will find many bars and restaurants, for refreshments. Denia offers both a sand beach and a rock beach that run along the coast for 24 kms.

Spain loves its fiesta’s and traditions. Denia has its own bull run, «Toros a la Mar», where young men are taking on the challenge of being chased by bulls through the city streets and leading them into the harbour swimming pool. In August, the "Moros y Christianos" is being held. This is a fiesta similar to so many places on Costa Blanca. However, Denia has its own Fallas- Fiesta with lots of fireworks and bonfires. Denia is generally known to be one of the cities in Spain who holds the most fiestas per year.

Denia is a medium sized town, primarily populated by Spaniards and some foreigners who live there permanently, but it is just like any other town which lives all year round. The area can offer a wide variety of properties. In the hillsides around Denia and along the seaside you will find some of Costa Blanca's most beautiful, and the varying landscape in the area allows for properties with spectacular sea views. The entire area around Denia is especially fertile and contrasts itself from most of the other areas and properties you find along Costa Blanca. Behind Denia you will find the Montgo mountain which is a nature reserve. In this area you can experience great hiking and admire the beautiful nature.  Two exclusive golf resorts approx 4km from Denia.

Denia has a new award winning modern hospital

http://www.cerner.com/marina_salud_hosp … ies_award/

I am sold on Denia already! Gastronomy & Fiesta sounds a wonderful combination.  Thanks for extensive reply. I visited once & loved it’s cosmopolitan atmosphere.

I’m going to do some more research. Like is there a fresh food market? how far is the Airport, & property prices & best locations, the max & min temperatures, expat living etc. I’ve been in The Canary Islands for 10 years & look forward to a new adventure.

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