Indonesian planning to move to Manila need advise on housing location


I'm an Electrical Engineer working in Jakarta, Indonesia.
I'm applying for a vacancy in my company for team leader position based in Pasig City, Manila.

My family only speaks Bahasa Indonesia and will learn English while living in Manila.
I need advise on where is the best location should I look for accommodation for an Indonesian Muslim family with 1 children?

I don't mind commuting to work. Right now I'm spending PHP 4,600 for housing and PHP 18,500 for groceries+water+electricity per month in Jakarta.
Is it possible to have that same amount of living cost there or in suburb area?

Expect to spend 15,000 + pesos per month rent in Manila.

23,000 pesos per month in Manila would be difficult at best. Double that amount would give you a modest lifestyle.

Thanks everyone,

Is there any option for housing location outside of Manila within 1 hr travel from/to Pasig City?


Rent in Pasig is 2 types:  Condominiums and houses

For the condo, it is clean, secured, usually in accessible areas, rent vary from 8k for a studio to 15k for 2 bedrooms
I would recommend you to look in area like: Sorrento Oasis, in nice location and with good play ground and huge swimming pools. there is a lot of foreigners there, especially muslims. The mosque is like 15 min away.

For Houses (house and lot) it is much more expensive if you get the full house, or you may have to get a small portion of the house if you cannot efford all, or may be a dirty corner of a dirty street that can be 5k and more. Population in the Philippines is very high, which mean that for a house made for 4 people, you can find 12 family members living together to share the expenses of the housing, that is why the rent is extremely high.

As a foreigners, you cannot take your family to non secured places to reduce the cost, since in cheaper areas, crimes are happening daily with very limited police interference.

If you are not ready to spend 12-15k for the housing budget, then stay in Jakarta

That's what I was going to say, if that's your budget just stay where you are.

Thank you for all of the valuable feedback and advise.
I'll have 4 weeks since my first day there to look and decide for housing. I'll definitely check Sorrento Oasis for vacancy.

Welcome! I'm an indonesian too, been living here in Metro manila for almost 2 years now so i might could help you to compare the living cost here in manila and jakarta. I lived in Jakarta as well for as long as i can remember my entire life. :p

Don't be surprise with the rent fee. you spend it's around IDR 1,300,000? you can get a decent place with that Jakarta.

With the same price in Manila.. you can only get a bedspace condo, which pretty sure it won't be convenience for your family. may i know which part of pasig? pasig is kinda big area though..

if by you mean Pasig is around ortigas, you may try to rent a condo or an apartment in mandaluyong, or around c5. my friend own 3 condo units in c5 near tiendesitas with the price of 10k per month. or, in mandaluyong, where i currently staying. I lived in SM Light condo before, studio type with 12k/month and 1500/month for the association dues.  my current place is near boni ave, not that far from boni MRT station, i spend 11500/month, inclusive of the association dues but it's just an apartment with 1 BR. 2500/month for electricity with the regular usage of tv, aircon, conduction stove and other electrical stuffs. The price is lower because i live a residential area with the locals. the electricity per kwh here is differentiate by the barangay or kelurahan.

be noted that condominium and apartment here are 2 different place. unlike in jakarta, senayan city residence can be called both, apartment and condominium. here, condominium is like senayan city residence. apartment is like kost2an but usually in a high building.

The electricity is actually depend on where you stay. but on average, you might spend 3-5k/month. Water is usually included on the association dues.

WiFi and cable tv subscription.. i spent 1550/month.

So the total amount i spend... 15550/month.

i shop groceries every 2 weeks and usually i spend 3-5k/shop. be noted as well that i rarely cook, so that -10k/month is exclude the dine out.

you'll be surprised with the price here, as it's more expensive than in jakarta. but as an expat, you should not be worried with the high cost living cause you will earn way higher compare to what you earn in jakarta.

So enjoy Manila! :)

Suwun :)

Hi, I sent you a private message regarding Sorrento Oasis. Thanks!

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