Qualified Retirement Program

My wife and would like to soon apply for the QRP.  We are now in Washington, DC area.  From what I have found out so far is the process can not be completed through the Embassy.   

Can anyone who has successfully completed the process share their experience, advice, do's and don'ts, contacts and other helpful information in doing this right the first time.  If you wish you can contact me personally at [email protected] 

Thanks in advance.

QRP applications are handled through the Tourism Board (BTB). I was speaking w/ the attorney that handled mine yesterday and he told me they had recently fired everyone in that department, so no apps are being processed as of right now until they rehire/train.

I highly recommend you hire an attorney as I did and get started on the process before you even come to Belize since it takes so long (longer now w/ this debacle).  If you're interested in a referral to my attorney, feel free to private message me.

Sharon Hiebing

QRP is a great program - but there are pros and cons.

I would do a search on this site on QRP and on Google Blogs for QRP. I am considering doing it myself and trying to assess the costs and benefits.


Linda, three children and I are coming to Belize in the fall of 2011.  I've been "listening" about the QRP program now for many months and I consistently get the impression that it may be more hassle than it is worth.  We are just now beginning to decide the logistics of the move, but we may go another route.  We are coming as missionaries and may pursue the work permits and residency instead.  Anyone have input?

Wealthships (above) has a great and easy to understand blog posting about the QRP. I'm sure she could direct you to it.

Here is another one: cititrustintl.biz/QRP.htm

Thanks for the kind words, Brainy Betty.  Here's the link to my blog about my QRP experience:


Good luck!!


Hi Sharon!  Linda and I did finally find our way through the link you posted for the QRP.  Thank you for that.  We have a pretty good sense of what that program is all about.  Where I am confused is in the options left to us should we decide not to go the QRP route.  Our understanding is that time in the QRP does not count toward residency and we intend to stay as missionaries for a very long time.  We think residency may be a better choice over the long haul, regardless of the duties paid to bring items into Belize initially.  Any thoughts to clarify what I have written here or on challenges we have not even yet considered?  We appreciate your help!

Sorry I didn't get back to you the next day as I promised in my original response.  Time got away from me.


Ron and Linda


Thank you for the link to the QRP program through Citi Trust (is that the name, I think!).  We read through it and learned more in the reading.  As you'll see in my post to Sharon, we're sadly confused as to which route to take, getting to Belize.  I think that, until we can decide that, it's difficult to know even what to do first.  Please do feel free to chime in if you have ideas that may help us along the way and thank you for your help so far.

We pray you rich blessings!

Ron and Linda

Ron & Linda - you are not alone in your confusion.  Everyone faces it initially.  You are correct, any time spent in the QRP does not count toward Permanent Residency, which you can apply for after living in Belize for one year.  If the duties aren't important to you, then I think that may be the route to go.  You can work as an employee or buy/start your own business, whatever you choose, unlike on the QRP where you cannot be an employee.

Also, after five years you could apply for citizenship.  There's no rush to make a decision however.  Just come, pay for a Tourism card every month, and I think the decision will be made clear for you in short order.

Hope this helps.


Hi Sharon!  Thank you for your quick reply and, especially, for your kind help.  Do you know, Sharon, how much duties are on various items?  Is it more for new than for used items?  More for household than for ministry office equipment?  And one more question: If we enter the country not through the QRP program, is there a time delay as to when we can bring personal items into the country?  All these things effect our decision, I'm sure you know.  I hope we're not being to much a pest, but, if we are, please let us know and we'll slow it down a bit.  We appreciate you!

Ron and Linda

Thnks to everyone for this discussion.  My husband and I are planning to retire to probably the Corozal area.  We're coming to Belize City in November for an ex-pats conference in November and hopefully will make up our minds with this visit. We'd like to buy a home soon after that, so we're gathering as much information about paperwork and legal "stuff" now.  We are both of retirement age and this Residency decision is a big one. I don't plan to work a lick after I get there; my husband is not so sure.  I'm assumjing that we can come in on separate residency statuses.  Anyway, discussions, such as these make that decision a lot easier.  Is anybody out there in the Corozal area?  Can't wait!!

Pica, spouses can be added to the QRP for an additional $750 USD, but it's not mandatory.

Thanks much.  I'm sure I'll have more questions.  I'm just thanking my stars for this blog!

Hi Sharon my name is Yvonne.  I am coming for a visit soon. And I think I would like to move there.     Please what is the tourism card, and how much does it cost.    Thanks for your help.

Again, you are replying to an old thread - 10 yr old actually. Don't know if they are still on this platform/board. You might go to the government of Belize website for current, up-to-date information. There have been recent changes to the  QRP program, which is actually administered by the Belize Tourism Board - https://belizetourismboard.org/

We were just accepted into QRP. Will be happy to address any question about our experience thus far.

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