Looking for a private tutor or homeschool in Saigon

I am looking for a private tutor for my daughter for O level...  maybe a home school. Can anyone share their optios with me.

Thank you

O level????   what do you really want to learn?

O levels are the standard exam in the UK and accepted pretty much anywhere worldwide.
Several UK universities run examination centres in more than 130 countries, these include Oxford and Cambridge.

Cambridge seems to be about the most active so I would suggest contacting their offices in your country and asking them if they know of anyone. Their reps visit a lot of schools so there's a reasonable chance you'll find someone to help you.


Thank you Fred.... will check it out !

Hi there, I have no idea yet, coz my daughter stop schooling begining of this year due to my travelling schedule. Now she is with me in Saigon. She is 16 and if she is in Malaysia now it will be her final year in Secondary which is O Level.... I may want to prepare her with a private tutor befire she enter the International school in Saigon. just want to see how much she can catch up ..... I am open to your suggestion if you have any... Thank you

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Educate-at-Home is becoming increasingly popular worldwide

Research the Internet and you should find a suitable program. Back it up with a Tutor if required

The modern online schools have facilities for the student to Skype their teacher and to join in with Live Lessons. Very effective if used correctly. It'll get the job done with some supervision

If the intention is to attend University, it would be prudent to find out the qualifications required for entry. Different universities have different requirements depending on the degree course selected.

Worth checking out the Universities in Europe depending on the student's nationality and passport.

Good luck

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