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anybody can help me, i need a school for my children 11 & 14 yrs. old but i cannot afford the international school were living in saigon...please give me some advice if you have any idea..thanks

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Unless you or your spouse is a Viet Kieu, good luck.

There is always home schooling - there are curricula available on line. Just make sure you don't choose a curriculum from a way out US political group or an equally weird religious group.

Some Canadian provinces have structured reaching for remote students, again material is on-line.

Here is a maths link: < >.

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thanks for the idea about online study, i will check it on the net...were filipino, have a nice day :)


what is your budget? - the internaitonal school varies in price with BIS being very expensive and AIS and German Int'l School being less expensive!

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Home school. I love it and the education is top drawer. Your child can get excepted at any university in the world. I use ACE. Google them. I schooled 3 now. Two are in their 30's and doing great in their professional careers.

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