Montessori international school of Vietnam

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we have just moved to Saigon and I would love to continue in montessori education of our daughter (3,5years). Do any of you have some comments/experiences/references to Montessori International school of Vietnam? Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello, where did you end up sending your children - were you able to find a good Montessori school?

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Hallo, sorry for not responding earlier, hope I can still help you with my experiance. I had a look on that school and decided not to go there - I just didt have the feeling that it is good montessori pre/school. I was not allowed to go for observation which was very important for me. But in toddler class you can visit some kind of montessori early start program which means you/your child can attend the class for two hours in the morning (while you are sitting in the class as well) - so I used this option a lot last year. Did you find any suitable monte-school here? Are you also from district2?

Brand integrity is an obvious problem.  Just look around at all the "Ralph Lauren" tee-shirts.  I am not sure what assurances one might have that a Montessori school is the real thing.  I would guess that the schools, even if genuine, are franchisees.  Is there a certifying agency somewhere in the West?  That might be a place to start.

Here is a very negative write-up from a teacher perspective: … bb21f40bbd

Thank you for the information! Fake montessori schools are a big issue in Australia too - there's a huge chain that has opened probably 20 around the city here. They look beautiful, and are very expensive, but none of the teachers have any training.

This review is awful! How scary!

Some of us are trying to get a group together to do this for our kids... let us know what you find

This link is about someone working at the Tiny Flower Montessori School. Do you have a link about the Montessori International School of Vietnam?

My friend worked at the Montessori school in D2. She said it was pretty good. She studied for a Montessori certificate while working. There are many good schools here. I suggest you take a little time to check them out in person. I agree that you should be able to observe a class and help your child settle in.

I am trying hard to find an authentic montessori school or just a real small Casa children house, for my 3yr old son.  (best in Distrct 1)  (I myself is a Montessori teacher in training)  Is there any good experience with Montessori education in Seigon?

Hey is there anyone has experience with this school with reviews?

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