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I seek a pharmacy that can provide amphetamine salts for ADHD treatment. This commonly goes by the name adderall.

I have consulted several area doctors and it is a controlled substance. However unlike US controlled substances, which you can't get any without a prescription, this one is apparently very hard to find. I was advised to seek it in any pharmacy here, or go to Thailand.

This medicine is not for partying or fun. This is a serious inquiry. If you'd like to engage this thread with a reasonable answer, please feel free to do so. If you are unaware of the benefits/reasons why one may take this medicine, I will be happy to explain.

it is I believe available but expensive. Go to De La Gare Pharmancie, in shops on corner of Monivong and Russie. They are very good and completely legit.

I have been there. No pharmacy that I have been to will touch it with a ten foot pole. I will go to Toyal Hospital and begin the paperwork to begin the approval process so that I may legally get it through them and my health insurance. It's going to be a long time, they say.

I stand corrected -- They have Ritalin but not Adderall.

I was wondering if you were successful at acquiring your ADHD meds. I am running out in 2 weeks and currently live in Thailand and it is difficult here to get 2 meds I was taking in the USA. I have all my documentation for diagnosis but am wondering how it is to obtain in Cambodia or around southeast Asia. I don't want to fly back to the US to get my meds because the flight is brutal on my poor back! However the difference they make in my life is significant to consider all options. Any insights and thank you.
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The most Western-oriented pharmacy is De la Gare, here the link:

Good luck.

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