Meetings for English speakers in Toulon

Bonjour !

I have been organizing English talks (a weekly event for English speakers, 9pm, in a bar in Brest) since Febr 2015. I get to gather 15 to 30 people/evening, who appreciate possibility to speak English (many French, indeed) and to meet locals or new friends (people recently moved, travallers,...).

I would love to know whether some kind of this event is being organized in Toulon, too?
I am moving in Toulon in Sept 2017 and would love to continue this tradition :-)

Merci pour vos réponses :)
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Bonjour Fina , pour répondre , je n'ai encore entendu parlé de se genre d'initiative .Mais  Je serais curieux d'assister à ton projet .

à  bientôt

alors je vous tiendrai au courant si je décide de continuer mon event E.T. à Toulon, aussi :)

A bientôt,

Hi everyone.
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English Talks, Toulon

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