Moving to Ghana from Philadelphia, Pa USA and FREAKING out a bit


So I am moving to Kumasi in a couple of weeks, and I am starting to freak out a bit! Trying to get the right luggage (its rainy season so apparently I should get waterproof??), the right malaria medication, water purifying tablets?? I am sure once I get to Kumasi and settled in I will be fine, but unfortunately that is not helping the mini freak out I am having, now that I am only a couple of weeks out.  My parents are also not helping my state of mind, as being parents they are having a serious freak out about me moving.

So my basic question is, are there any places you can find malaria medication in Kumasi? I am going to be working in a school and living on campus at the school as well. How is sanitation? I realize it will not be as good as in America, but I also feel like as Americans we might be exaggerating how bad it is.

Kumasi is the second largest city in Ghana so getting malaria medication is not a problem. As malaria is so prevalent here it is available at any pharmacy.
Don't worry about the rainy season just appreciate the cooler weather. An umbrella and crocs or similar are all you need as waterproofs tend to be too hot.
I understand your parents concern but as long as you take the precautions for your safety you would in the US you will be fine. You can boil water or buy bottled water for drinking and if you are in Kumasi should have a shower and flush toilet. I survived nearly 4 years in Enchi  in 1990 with a bucket shower and water from a pump that had carried by the students. We had a filter for the water and a kerosene fridge but you will have electricity. Enjoy the experience - the students will make it worth your while.

thank you so much for your reply! Yeah I wasn't sure if I should invest in some really good rain boots or opt for crocs. as it is pretty hot. Great news about the malaria meds. I figure once I get in and settle down I will be fine, I am just trying to anticipate as many challenges as I can!

Are there any unforeseen challenges I should be aware of that you might have any advice on?

Not sure what you are coming to do at the school but be prepared for very little in the way of materials.
One thing you may have to get used to as a woman is proposals of marriage. A friend also complained of being grabbed. This is not aggressive just very annoying. Men here are not shy. Also requests to be taken to the USA.
Generally though Ghana is a great place and people are very helpful.

Ok, no problem. Thanks for the input!! I really appreciate it.

There is a group on Facebook -expats in Kumasi where you may get more specific advice

I actually requested to be a part of that group awhile ago and have not yet been accepted

Maybe because you are not in Kumasi yet. Hope they can help you. There is Ghana International Expats GIE and the guy who moderates that is based in Kumasi so you could try that

hi, dont worry about malaria drugs. they are everywhere and you dont even require prescription from the doctor to buy them. they are available in even small pharmcy shops.
As for sanitation, its depends on which part of the city you are going to live. Am not from kumasi so i dont know the exact situation there but its pretty ok.  life is normal,  dont freak out most of the things you hear are just exaggeration and some not true. I recommend you drink bottle water.

Queen please tell me your experience, keep me informed if you don't mind, Im right behind you I plan to move to Kumasi from Philadelphia, PA in May 2018

My first visit to Ghana in 1998 and have yearned to return.  I am a retired Professional Truck Driver (18 wheeler) and a woman.  I am very much interested in returning permanently.  A couple of people I met once from Detroit have retired in Ghana and I have been trying to get more information regarding what and where to go to get the information I need to apply.  I do have retirement income but if I need a job, I can drive tour buses, trucks.  Please, I am serious about moving by 2018.

Retiring isn't a problem but getting a job might be. Unless you get a work permit you are not allowed to work. If you can find local work once you get here then the business will get you one but it is expensive. I'm retired here but don't work and could live on my pension.

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