Anyone knows how to renew the resident permit for spouse? Thanks 😀

Hello expat people 😀

I just have a question regarding of the family reunification visa for spouse. I applied last year and it was october 2016,  my spouse visa application got approved around december. I was lucky that the  UDI checked my husband income in the year 2015 and my husband met the income requirement.

This october i plan to renew my visa but i am worried that the UDI will checked my husband's earning again 😣  My husband just earned 297,898 kr in 2016 which means he didn't able to meet the 306,700 required income.

I am worried that the UDI will depend on my husband earnings last year😣  because this year my husband is working full time and his income is atleast 309,700 a year plus i have work too but it just a part time job.

Thanks alot 😍😘 hope you guys can help me 😀

In the document to submit for renewal, you generally need to provide income document of:
1. Your husband's tax return for 2016
2. Your husband's last 3  months payslip

If you like, you can add in your husband's job contract that state the annual pay.

Just provide all the document that prove that your husband has sufficient income for this year.

As for you, please remember to include your job contract too.

You just have to try and see how it goes.

Thanks alot fornight 😘😍😉

I hope that the udi will not only based on my husband salary lastyear 😓😁😍

was it approved??

Hello psj2386,
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If you have questions regarding renewal of resident permit, you can always follow fornight's advice or create a new topic if you have any problem.
thank you very much and have a great day :)

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