Getting Married In Oslo

Hi All,

I've been looking for information about how to get appointments at the courthouse in Oslo to get married but I can't seem to find anything. If anyone has any info about how one can book an appointment I would appreciate it immensely.


here is website for marriage in norway … in-Norway/

Thanks Sol, I've been through that website and I may be missing something but it doesn't say anything about actually getting married in a courthouse. At least not anything in English. Can you help with that?

here is the … rev=search
I think it is the same procedure in the other courthouse. You just bring your marriage license from skat as well as your passport and residence permit as well the passport of your fiance and book and appointment in courthose.Hope it helps.

yes it is as easy as that here in our area i guess it is the same there in Oslo. We just brought the test certificate from skattee and our passports to the courthouse and the person in there will just ask you:

1.what date and time
2. and if you would be exchanging rings because it is optional

then all done you just go there 15 minutes earlier on your scheduled wedding :)

with the actual wedding ceremony it will just take 5-10 minutes. And after the cermony the wedding official will hand you your marriage certificate, about a week later you will receive another certificate from skatteetaten that is a registered version.

No payment would be made and everything is easy and fast ^_^


If i understand it correctly, getting married in Norway is free?

How about after getting married and you change your application at UDI (from fiance to spouse visa), how much is the fee?

All the infos here is really a big help...Thanks again!

for us we didnt pay anything because my fiance permit application was ongoing when we get married so i am not sure.

but if i understand it correctly if you are holding a fiance permit and then while launch an application for the family reuni as the spouse this time you can see here

it says NOK 3 200 UDI Fees

Thanks for all the info guys :-)

Hei stephany25,
Can I ask something about getting married? did you have residence Permit while you're getting married? I am here now in Norway and waiting for the Fiance Permit to be approved. But my permit was already expired. Thank you . Hope I can hear from you soon.

I didn't have any valid permit/visa when I got married since I was also waiting for the fiance visa to be approved. We just contacted UDI to give me a proof of legal stay and permission to get married while I was waiting for rhe visa approval.

So good to hear that. Me and my fiance planned to get married this May. Is it okey now also to register in Skatteetaten? Your advice is highly appreciated! Thank you so much . I badly need your advice.

I don't see any problem in starting to apply at skatteetaten, just expect that there might be some changes in the process due to covid or changes due to updated since my application experience was in 2014 😊

Du har rett. After you got married before the Fiance Permit approve. What did you do since you were still waiting for the approval?
Thank you so much Stephy25. Hope we can talk sometime in other app.

While waiting for the approval I just enjoyed my time getting to know the culture, surroundings and adjusting to married life because I knew that once the visa gets approved I will be busy studying norwegian language, then getting a career. You can also use this chance to start learning the language at home if you want to advance on the language level fast. 😉

Sounds clever. Hope you have a good day staying here in Norway. I'm still adjusting my living here in Norway. I just wanna ask. Before you applied the Fiance Permit, What's your Permit by the way? Thank you so much Stephy25. You really enlightened me. Last time I've been thinking alot. Due to some personal problem. Ha en fin dag.

I was only on tourist visa when I came here, my then bf(husband of 6 yrs now)  proposed and didn't want me to go back home anymore so we applied for fiance visa. I hope you get to adjust very well in this country, take your time and don't pressure yourself ❤️

So happy to hear that. Hope you and your husband have a good and healthy relationship. Norwegians are really good people. Anyway, I had Temporary Residence Visa also before. Then , since my Fiance didnt want me to go back into my home country . So, we decided to apply Fiance Visa also. We hope that everything goes right. What do you think ? Is it possible to get a positive outcome from our application? Fingerscrossed!

I couldn't ask for anything else, I guess I ended up with one of the best ones and yes I agree most norwegians are kind and good hearted.

I think you have a good chance as long as you meet all the requirements, the processing time will be the only challenge with covid19 affecting the waiting time. If you have any further questions that I can help you with don't hesitate to ask it here or in private message and I will gladly share any knowledge I have. Keep me updated and I wish you all he best with your visa result ❤️

Nice to hear from you . I would realy love to ask you since you had already thr experience also. Thank you so much for helping us. It's really nice to hear from someone who adviced about their experiences. It can relieve our mind also. Thank you stephy25. Since our wedding is on May. Is it possible to apply in the Skatteetaten also? Any advice? 🙏

I think you should try to apply since everything is scheduled based and they might not have many schedule slots available. Same with choosing the ceremony date for your wedding, better to try to apply early than regret applying late

You are right Stephy25. You are so clever. By the way, I read all the message threads from you. You are so really good to answer all the questions and concerns. We have the same education also. Hope we can talk sometime and want to get some idea how you applied as a Helsefagarbeider before. GRATULERER! 👏🤗

Sure when this visa waiting is over for you or anytime you want to start your authorization process whether as a helsefagarbeider or nurse just ask since I've done application for both and got both authorization. 😊

So happy for you. For sure your Hubby so proud of you. Sounds like that you're so clever. Thank you so much for being so helpful. I will surely contact you soon. Do you have email?

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