how to get my visa permit ? please help

Hello everyone one ,

Im Younes from Morocco ,
im getting a job ( IT Manager ) in Turkey  《 Istanbul 》 with a good salary ... and need to know if i can get the work permit ( work visa ) when arriving the first month with the help of the director ,  Or i should come back to Morocco to have it , by the way I'll o after 10 days , so just with simple tourist entry And i should know if can i get the work permit in place ( I'll do a contract of 3 years )

Thank you very much !

Hı Younes

The work permit is arranged by the company.  Make sure that you get the permit before starting a job.

Good luck.

Hi Xeeschan ,

Thank You  very much for you quick answer,
Another question please that if can go just with my 3 months ( no tourist visa for Moroccans for 3 months ) and wait to get the work permit and start my work directly and easily ?

Thank you !

You can stay on tourist visa for sure, though I it's definitely illegal to work without work permit.


I do not think it is possible for the company to apply for work permit for you while you don't have a valid residence permit in turkey (more than 6 months ) so you have 2 options .option 1  is to go back and get it from the consulate of turkey in your country with the help of your company there is some procedures they have to do. option 2 is to apply for short term residence permit for more than 6 months then they can apply for you while you are in turkey but usually getting residence permit take around 3 months .

At first you have to get president permit after your employer will give you work permit if he or she will he agree to pay to government needed fee (payment) and insurance for health

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