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We are a young couple about to get married in Estonia. We used to live in Prague and thought of having a small symbolic ring giving ceremony in a church in Prague in couple of weeks.  I contacted various churches and they all said a lot of paperwork is needed and at least 4 months of preparations since they were thinking of a full-blown official wedding and no other options. We are looking for just a symbolic ceremony, half an hour or so, without anything official, since we will already be married by that time officially. Just couple of words by the priest and us giving each other rings.

I was wondering, can anyone help me find a priest who would be willing to perform a very small ceremony, or direct me towards a church that would be happy to carry out this symbolic performance without any official requirements?

Thank you!

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You might have some luck here,St Clement's is the English speaking Christian, Anglican and Episcopal Church in Prague where expats worship.

Interim Chaplain
Rev’d Nathanial

Paťanka 2614/11a
160 00 Praha 6 – Dejvice

Phone: (+420) 233 310 266
Mobile: (+420) 737 039 082

E-mail: chaplain(at)anglican.cz

Website: http://anglican.cz

Good Luck

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Will contact them!


Please let us know how you get on, you might well help someone else in the same situation. :)


I would like to be priest and fi wished seminarium in Praha Chech Republic.

I can be a Priest for you I am in contact with Fr. Nickel Dolman from seminarium for called to be priest in diaconat of Birmingham,  I would like in Prague in Chech Repablic can you help me with that.

Phone ***

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This post is 9 months old and they planned to marry a few weeks after the post was made, so I am guessing they are already married.

Please also do not display personal details on the open forum for your own safety.

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