I am getting desperated... about my study visa in ICPNA in miraflores

Hello everyone

My name is Jaco Wong. I will be flying into Peru on 5 September to study Spanish in Miraflores.
I have read the information on the website of ICPNA, and it said I will be needing a carnet de extranjeria to register my studies..
I am really confused, is it possible for a foreigner to obtain a carnet de extranjeria once I am in Peru as a tourist?
I tried to call the consulate of Peru in Hong Kong. However, they did not give me too much valuable information. All they have said is to contact the institution once I am in Peru........
I still have some time before I fly to Peru, I want to know desperately what documents do I need to prepare for myself to apply for a student visa or a carnet de extranjeria.. please..............
I am really desperated.....

Thank you for reading my post
Thank you veryyyyy much
: (
A really desperated 24 years old from Hong Kong

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