Any Recommendations for a Immigration Lawyer in Peru,

I have lived here for a year and have not been able to find a solution to be able to stay here.

Thanks in advance

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Having lived in Peru for a year, are you aware that multiple websites that have studied the issue have determined that year-round residents in Peru are liable to pay taxes to Peru on their worldwide income?

Some deductions are possible if you pay taxes in your home country.

Many of us pay little or no taxes in our home countries .. and we avoid worldwide taxation by staying in individual South American countries for 180 days or fewer out of 365.

Urban Dave, have you consulted with a Peruvian tax specialist such as an accountant or tax attorney?

Has anyone calculated your Peruvian tax obligation to SUNAT for the year your already have spent in Peru?

Once you have consulted a tax expert in Peru and you are well-versed in your tax situation, you can make an informed decision about staying in Peru year-round going forward .. and the tax specialist can recommend a reliable attorney for a visa.


urbandave :

I have lived here for a year and have not been able to find a solution to be able to stay here.

Historically, Peru has charged only a small per-day fee such as one dollar US per day for overstays.

Nevertheless, you appear to have overstayed for so long that the authorities might consider you an illegal immigrant given the circumstances you describe.

Get this cleaned up ASAP.  Pay your overstay fine of about $200 or more.  Be here legally.

If you pay the fine without getting legal advice first, you could theoretically be deported and/or told you may not re-enter the country for nine months or more.

Conditions change.  Countries need more income streams.  Expats staying in a country without papers for long periods could be at risk, regardless of past indifference by the powers that be.  The Peruvian administration changed this year due to corruption issues .. and the new administration can impose restrictive policies at any time

cccmedia in Lima

Thanks for that. The question was does anyone know of an immigration lawyer? I'm sorry if I was not clear on that. More specifically I need lawyer in Lima Peru. 
Thank you.

urbandave :

I have lived here for a year and have not been able to find a solution to be able to stay here.

Does this mean that you don't have a job, a pension or other regular income .. or money to invest or another approved method of obtaining a visa?

Or are you simply seeking an attorney to assist in applying for a visa because you have at least one of these prerequisites?

Have you searched this forum's directory for an attorney?  Have you searched this forum's posts relevant to your situation with search terms such as visa overstay, visa rules, immigration attorney?

To find the search box, visit the forum's welcome page and scroll down a bit.

cccmedia in Lima

I am legal here. I have options to go to Several different countries but would like to stay here forever and need a lawyer to help me with my paperwork. Someone that specializes in immigration in Peru.

I don't care to go into every little detail in a public forum but suffice it to say that I am legally here in Peru.  I am in zero danger of being exported from Peru. I would just like it if someone would recommend a lawyer because they have worked with the lawyer and that they are reliable and get the job done, rather than just randomly hire from the yellow pages

So how are the things going? the problem is interesting for me also.

No besides getting completely random and moral advice like do the right thing. What the heck was that lol.

I might add unsolicited  as well

Surprisingly, no one could answer Urbandave. I had same question as I was also considering to migrate to Peru.
If there is no such set up of Immigration practitioners or Immigration lawyers, then it can be good profession there.
Therefore, as urbandave said no one is here to answer or guide.

I had to re-read that reply lol

#urbandave, please let me know if you find one.

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Say a USA Expat has a  Social Security Pension and a non-government pension administered by a USA trust company.  The SSA pension income is not enough to qualify for a long-term visa, but the second pension would qualify.

Can the Expat apply for a Peru pensioner visa .. and, if approved .. thus protect the income from both pensions from Peruvian worldwide taxation?


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