The new business idea in Tbilisi

Hi Anil,

I will be in Tbilisi, to register my company in mid April.

Let me know what information you need.


Who are you?
What do you do?
How can I help you?

Best regards


I just came to tibilisi a week ago. Looking to invest here , any ideas? Please share.

I am coming to Tbilisi next week, we can meet and discuss if you are interested as I am planing to start few businesses.

I have ideas we can meet and talk anywhere in tbilisi

I can help you. We can meet and talk about it

Are you in tibilisi now

Hello Ubaidi,

I just saw you message that you are interested to start a restaurant  business in Tbilisi. In fact, I am looking for a reliable partner to start a business in Georgia.

Currently I am located in Kuwait. Please write me, if you are still interested start a new business!


Hello Zahran
I have left Georgia on 19th of April  , I was looking for residential visa to start business but it was unreliable and tricky.  Nothing is sure in gorgeia not even the government with its own words.  So I came back.  If you are Kuwaiti citizen it might be easier for you. Try your luck. Good luck.

I thought you had friends here. You and your wife would have papers done if you lissened to me. But i guess you like it in your country

I agree. Georgia is great and huge country and has a lot of tourist destinations. being neighbors of Azerbaijan and Armenia, I am confident that Tourism industry is endless for the next 50 years. :)

Hello Timor,  Thanks but everyone was telling us different storeis,  we back may be next year again.

I think you had no good local friend, who would help you with your business, cause I know many strangers from so many countries, they make business here with no problems. Tell me exactly what was your problem maybe something that you did'nt do correct .

Good lock.

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