Working in Real Estate in Tbilisi

Hey All,

I'm planning a move to Tbilisi next month. I heard many Arabs are buying property there so I'm hoping to capitalize on that.. Any Advice?

I am a management professional/ Entrepreneur. I speak Arabic & English. I'm looking to work in an agency or partner up with someone local to start our own agency

Many Thanks


No offence my friend but dont expect much much in here, especially if you are from any of Arabic countries

There were several protests and the government has tightened on property give aways to foreigners, especially from Arabic countries. I dont wanna sound dramatic, but people are kind of tired of too many foreigners buying and settling in here, thats why several new laws are on the way to restrict them doing so

You might wanna try your luck in Batumi

Wow. Thanks for Replying. That's good to know. I'm assuming in Batumi the same goes (not happy with foreigners) but to a lesser degree?

This is quite interesting as Turkey welcomes few hundred Million (badly needed) dollars every year in Real Estate investment, particularly from Arab countries.. Other countries don't seem to get it!

They are more or less ok with it in batumi, its a small city which is just starting to grow and people there dont mind foreigners that much. On the other hand Tbilisi is a capital city and people dont really like influx of tourists/people trying to settle

There were some incidents and theres still some tension, mostly religious

Rami77, They do get it!

It is a good idea to settle here.

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