Small Business Opportunities in Tbilisi

What are the small business opportunities in Tbilisi. I wan to set up a small business in Georgia. How is life, cost of living, economy and crime rate. Is there anyone knows good opportunity to set up Cafe or Restaurant somewhere. Also what is profitable businesses in Georgia. I am coming to visit in December. So anyone knows how to set up company, Permanent residency and other legalities please help me.

so pitty that I see this thread now :(

not everything exported we manufacture some of the food you can't say that everything is depended on international trade.  I can proudly say that Gerogian producs are tastier it' worth thinking about starting little food related business. Georgian cuisine is really interesting and Georgian products DO taste different

Hi Tamara
Are you still in batumi. I am going there on the 23rd of may to set up new business restaurant and clubs and would love to know the food scene I am living in marbella but original from ireland
My email address is marcquinlan[at] if you would like to hook up for a chat I don't know any body there regards

hi im bikram nepalese citizen want to come tbilisi anybody can help me to find job in restaurent in tbilisi as im proffesionally work as chef see my resume

Hi dear friends,
could i purchase a restaurant, Bar,Fastfood or old house(to become motel) with 25,000 $ in Tibilisi or Anaklia or Kobuleti?
if no, with how much?

how about + 0

You can not buy a restaurant for $ 20 000!

Yes you can, but unless it is based on Georgian cuisine - there are low prospects for its survival. In Batumi we had several restaurants with international kitchen but rarely which survived. Currently the best (if not the only) international restaurant in Batumi is Munich, there are few good Turkish restaurants, some Azeri and Armenian restaurants, one McDonalds - and that's it.
Anyone knows when new SMART market is to be opened, construction takes longer than expected, but this is Georgia ;)

Hi there, I was wondering are you interesting in import fruits from Thailand, I'm thinking to import fruits and various of goods that rarely to get from other or reasonable price than other, if you are living in Batumi, Tbilisi, and possible to rent a place or some space as showroom such as Young Coconut, Mango etc... I think this is a good idea to grow business and share profit together as wholesale and retail, I would like to come over Georgia and take a tour and survey, I can find product in Thailand direct from farm / entrepreneur, so that we can start business as low as we can, if you interesting please send me to *** to share more ideas

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Hello dear friend I am planning to move to geogian  and start a salon or cleaning company please can someone one advise me on the procedure

I a also planning to move to Kutaisi (Georgia)
I want to set up a poultry farm(hen & turkey).Do you think it has good scope ?
Your esteemed suggestions can be a great help.

Hey Manav, I know a couple of Georgians who have got land with whom you could probably partner up.

PM me for details.

please send me contact details.


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Hi everybody,

I read some topics about setting new business but it seems that it did not work out.

Is there any body who can help our community spending some minutes to list out all necessary paper to establish new company in Tbilisi.  I saw many words" it is simple, it is simple" but how it works is still a question need to answer.

I am coming next week to your beautiful country, very eager to see how I can settle here.

Thank you so much and I do hope to receive lot of value information!

Best regards,


Dang Dinh Minh

You can get all the information from the Public service hall, online information is outdated and the only way to get info is - directly. You can do that when you get in here, it does not take too much time and effort, unlike starting the business itself in here.

Hi Lasha,

Hope to see you this week!

Thank you

Hi Dang

I hope your purpose of visit to Georgia must have been successful.

appreciate if you can share your experience which you had gone through to open a business as we are thinking of doing the same.



It depends what kind of business u wanna set up here.

Hi Dang

thanks for your reply, we are planning for Cafe in Batumi

do you think is there is good growth over there



It is very nice country and a lot of potential for cafe and restaurant. Suggest that u should visit here first for more experience.

Application is simple but pls double check if you come from India with visa.

Dear Ding,

Nice to hear you enjoyed Tbilisi
Any help or support you need about business, you can let me know.

Don't hesitate to contact me, if required.

Mad Nick

Thank u so much.

Hello Pai Chimrung

I only noticed your question today. Are you still pursuing the idea, or have you already managed to get something organised?
Thank you

With friendly regards

Hey, can you please send me contact information with people who have land in georgia for a business opportunity

Hi. If u have any question. U can put it here. Trust many of us can help u.

Hello I am an american citizen that is looking for business partners in georgia. Have few great money making ideas that can make millions just need help to get there before anyone else does ... please feel free to reach out to me if intersted

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