How Much Construction Company License Costs?


I am planning to move to Georgia. I would like to start a construction company in Tbilisi.

Can anyone tell me the complete procedure to make LLC License with main activity as Construction and also how much it would cost me.

Thank you

hi dear faisal
im sadra from tbilisi/georgia
if still fancier to openning a LLC company in georgia , inform me
i can help you to reach here
good luck

Sadra you dont seem Georgian/From Tbilisi to me

OP, I would advice finding a Georgian who knows construction related issues and discussing that issue with them. There are way too many foreigners trying to pass as Georgians and fooling other people as well. Good luck

Hi Faisal,

I think it is better you arrive here to explore yourself since construction is a speacial business that not all people has experience about that!

Georgia is really nice country to place in

See u there!

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