Working Remotely in Ukraine for UK Company without base in Ukraine

Hello all, My name is David and I'm sorry if this is answered elsewhere but it seems that the information I'm looking for conflicts from one place to another so I'm hoping someone perhaps with similar experiences could offer some advice/experience.

So I have been working in Ukraine in the form of business trips for the English company I work for. These trips have been for 1 or 2 weeks at a time up to now so it has been simply a case of travelling here on my passport under the 90/180 rule.  However there is now a possibility of working for a longer period in Ukraine (still for my company in England) both outside the 90/180 rule and for a longer duration than I have experienced so far.

This raises two questions that I'm hoping someone can answer;

1. As my employer does not have an official company status in Ukraine, we are working with an outsource partner, are there any issues with me receiving pay etc under these conditions. i.e. would I have to pay tax in Ukraine as well as the standard UK tax. Would my company having difficulties paying me as well given this remote status in a country where they have no status?

2.  Would I be able to get a work permit when my 90/180 period ends or would I need to register as self-employed in some way to gain the correct status to be eligible for the work permit and TRP?

Any advice would be very welcome and in return when I am in Ukraine next I would reciprocate with a beer or your choice of tipple!  :)

Kind Regards


Hi David!
1) There would not be any taxes for your company and you in Ukraine.
2) To get a work permit it is not enough just to be in Ukraine for more than 90/180 days. You have to work here and your employer has to be settled in Ukraine (e.g. a Ukrainian company or a representative office of a foreign company or a private entrepreneur (self-employed)).

Thanks [at]GreyKyiv.

So it looks like I would perhaps have to set myself up as a business to operate this way.  Or possibly work out something where the outsource company acts as my employer.

Hi david,I set up business in Ukraine to be able to Residency Permit.
If I can be of any assistance happy to help.
I used company in Kiev and happy to pass on.Alternatively you may be able to register with us
Are you in Ukraine at moment or UK?

Hi there and thanks for the reply.

Sorry for my late notice but things over the last week have dramatically changed my plans.  My company have now decided to consolidate their offshore outsource resources in Belarus. A bizarre choice to my mind as visa regulations are more limited there and so they are going to struggle to achieve some of their goals as they planned I believe.

I will though keep you in mind as I have been talking to some Ukrainian colleagues about going into business together, nothing solid but again I would need to think about permits if our plans take wings!


I can recommend good reliable company to sort residency.They are honest efficient and not rip offs
kiev business consulting
they handle all our work.
what business are you in?

It sounds a good lead that I should take interest in.

I am in IT, or rather my company is,  I have a Product Manager role so whilst this has been predominantly in IT I have experience in finance too.

Regarding the business proposal we are looking strangely at two different ideas based on our collected experiences and interests.  So one is outsourcing and the second is catering!

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Sounds like something to consider.

Hi David

Although i have different problems, your in a funny situation, as technically your braking the Visa regulations and you could get either  a big fine, banned or given free food and accommodation.
under the 90/180 visa NO work is permitted. Unless its free.
You or your company need to ask for a D Visa your purpose is to work. If you have no work force or office, you can only be payed in your country of origin. if you have  staff or office, you need to register and pay the Ukrainian tax, etc. You then need to register with your company country of origin as an expat so you do not need to pay tax, but if your say from the UK you will loose work time to state pension, in short its a bit of a mine field.

hope it helps


David, if you come and go so much as you say and you are breaking the 90/180 day rule, how do you go through security at the airport without getting stopped.

The way you right your emails makes me think you are not English at all but a troll.

Trevor - See my PM.


This is an interesting post and something that I am going to keep my eyes on.

I plan to setup a business in Ukraine too. I have a UK business at the moment and plan to expand this with a Ukraine setup too, perhaps with the idea to employ people in Ukraine if everything goes well.

I need to get a few other things settled and then I will look into this in a month or so. I would be very interested in any contacts that anyone may be able to give to me, especailly if they have been used before. I much prefer to rely on personal recommendations!

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