Help to make friends in Alicante!

I have recently moved to Alicante! My partner who is 30 and his son are both fluent in Spanish, I am not so it's been decided that over summer instead of working I will crack down and learn some spanish! I'm 20 and lived in England previously working as a banker.
I'm so happy here, I love it all so far I'm just a little lonely!
I'm finding it hard to meet new people to hang out with especially while my partner is at work, as myself I'm not in an environment to meet people ( work/school etc)
Does anyone have any tips? Sites? Anything! I feel like I'm trying them all haha!
I'm sure it comes naturally eventually but can't help but miss catching up over a coffee with somebody!

hi there . well - I currently am in UK. but plan to buy in Alicante..  I understand how you must feel.
do you have any local groups or societies or voluntary organisations to join? in your area> where in alicante are you situated ??


I'm also 20 and in a similar position! I moved from Yorkshire, UK to Alicante in May. Feel free to get in touch and we can meet up. I work full-time Monday-Friday in Alicante, and live in Alicante, but I am craving social opportunities outside of work.

hi what is your work in alienate? may I ask?   julia

Yasmin that sounds great! I would love to! So nice to see someone in a similar position! Moved here around same time too :) it's hard to put the first step into the social part of moving to a new place!

And Julia I live in San Juan the beach part! I absolutely love it! Lots to do here and is plenty of English clubs it's just having the confidence to do it really :)

Hi everyone! I live in Finestrat but work in Alicante as well. Mo-Fri "full-time" which during the summer is not that much. Let's arrange something!! This sounds like a nice group. I'm 27 and just moved here recently from Germany. My Spanish still needs improvement ;). And I'm looking forward to meeting new people.

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