Naturalisation and citizenship in Angola

Hello everyone,

What are the requirements for acquiring citizenship in Angola? For example, length of residence, language requirements, employment etc..

What formalities are involved in the process?

What is the policy on dual-citizenship in Angola? Do you have to give up your former nationality?

What are the advantages and benefits of acquiring Angolan citizenship, in your opinion?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi all
I am Nure and I am from Bangladesh. Before coming Angola I was working in Nestle Bangladesh around 4 years. I am in Angola last 15 years and end of this year I am going to leave Angola forever. I am Accounts, finance and audit head of a multination company working last 12 years and HR department was also under me around 10 years. I am a resident card holder and based on my last 10 years' HR experience here is the procedure we followed to get Resident card for our expat employees. It may little differ from others system and procedure but main frame should be same. Please go through it and if you have any question you may ask me.

Eligibility to get Resident card:

- Must be having minimum 5 Angolan work visa in your passport
- You have a clean cheat from local police department
- You are in good health which must be certified by local physician

Required Documents:

01- Prescribed form to fill up   ()
02- Work contract in Portuguese  ()
03- Alvara Commercial  ()
04- Cartao De Contribuinte  ()
05- Diario Da Republica  ()
06- Documento De Arrecadacao De Receitas (DAR)  ()
07- Declaration (Portuguese )  (Candidate is going to abide by Angolan rules and not going to do any crime)
08- Highest Academic Certificate - English  (Must be authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of respective country)
09- Highest Academic Certificate - Portuguese  (Needed to be Authenticated from Angolan Embassy of respective country)
10- Police clearance English  (Must be authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of respective country)
11- Police clearance in Portuguese  (Needed to be Authenticated from Angolan Embassy of respective country)
12- Medical Certificate English  (Must be authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of respective country)
13- Medical Certificate in Portuguese  (Needed to be Authenticated from Angolan Embassy of respective country)
14- Passport Photocopy with original  ()
15- Photograph - 3 copies (Background white)   ()
16- SME Application  ()
17- PARECER  (Not mandatory. Sometime ask for some time not)
18- Attestado de Residencia de Angola  (Where candidate stay from that municipality this document get issued)
19- Curriculum Vitae in English  (Must be authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of respective country)
20- Curriculum Vitae in Portuguese  (Need to be Authenticated from Angolan Embassy in India)
21- Yellow Fever copy  (Not mandatory. Sometime ask for some time not)

Where to apply:

- You have to apply to respective Angolan Embassy in each country or nearest Angolan Embassy, if you don't have Angolan Embassy in your country.

How long it takes:

- If you have proper documentation and a good connection in the embassy, then it may take 3 / 4 months to get resident permit approval. Once you get the approval you will be getting a resident permit sticker in your passport and after that you have to come to Angola SME to apply for Resident Card.

- Always keep one set of above documents with you which is submitted to Embassy for Resident permit approval. Some cases from SME may ask for some of those documents.

- Here you have to keep patience and SME may try to prolong this issue and take time to issue Resident card. If you stick around that and every week visit SME and pushing them, one day you will get your card. If you are in hurry you can make it quicker by means of other way which will be too expensive.

Advantage of Resident Card:

- If you want to invest in Angola and secure your business, it's better to have RC.
- Any property you want to buy is required to have RC to secure your possession.
- No extra hassle like work permit to stay in tension when 3 years completed. Once you have it, you are free from anxiety of visa issue. First 5 years you will get single year visa and every year you have to renew it. After 5 years you will get 2 years' validity RC and two times you have to go for it. So, after 9 years you will be eligible to get 5 years' validity resident card which is the maximum limit. Now there is no system of resident card forever. 
- Being expatriate with resident card it's easy to get a job in Angola as many owners don't want to go for the hassle of work permit. Moreover, sometime work permit takes long time so owners are paying expat employee without work which is not pleasant for them.
- When you apply for the renewal of resident card, you will be getting a receipt. In case of emergency you may fly with that receipt and come back without any problem which is not possible in case of work permit holder.


- With work permit you can apply in the bank to transfer your salary to your country of origin but with resident card you will not be able to apply to bank for salary transfer.

- Once in a six months or 180 days you must be in Angolan territory with proper immigration stamp in your passport. If you are more than 6 months outside Angola, your resident card is in question of rejection unless you show proper justification to immigration department and it's being accepted.

I hope this info might help you.

Be remember, Angola doen't give any citizenship or passport even you get married Angolan girl or man unless there is certain criteria match e,g if any baby born in Angola. Whatever year you stay in Angola, maximum validity of a resident card is five years and it's renewable.

this Bangladesh guy is such a great person thanks for the help. my dear for me am Angolan but my husband is Kenya am trying to get a Kenyan citizenship for what i know Angola aloud due citizenship so is now u only need to copy what our friend wrote above then if u need any help am here my whole family is from here.

Dear Miss Bhava
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Would you like to please tell me how it could get citizen ship before  getting citizenship need more detail about the country
We, are muslims for muslim how is the country and what are the rules and regulation

in canada is one of the best offer any job offer or bizness over there we, need detail
what is the criteria of the country

awaiting your kind response

mahtab yaqub

Angola is not an easy country so if u are coming u need t know what u are coming to d and how u will get documents to get in because here is hard enough to get in with a visa but u can still be turn back if u don't have someone to sign for u at the airport as ur guide on Angola. so first get clear what u are coming for then how will u sustain urself.