suggestn abt my movin to aus

gys m curently in pakistan n want to mve to aus for my masters...kindly respnd on my this decisn...i heard tht cost of livin in australia is very expnsv as cmprd to canada...n m bit wat u gys sugst me..better to move to aus r canada?

Yes, things are definitely cheaper in Canada compared to Australia.

errr could you please avoid "sms alike" posts ? thanks

i read sum posts tht life in aus is miserble in terms of is tht true...?becaus my motiv is to do sum part tme job wid my stdy and atlst earn my next semstr is tht possible in aus???

Please read previous question related to expenses pertaining to studying in Australia.

According to a website that was referenced from the previous post, you actually have to meet the minimum financial requirements in order to be approved for the student visa. For example, if your course is a 2 year program, you must be able to prove to the Australian government that you have enough money in your bank account to pay for the tuition, books, living accommodations,etc. when you apply.  It doesn't state that they would consider what you potentially will make while you are working part time. 

I do know of someone that is currently on a student visa. That person is only allowed to work 20 hrs/week and unlimited hours during break and documented on the website under the student visa section. Due to the cost of living and products being more expensive in Australia to some areas of Canada and US, what you make part time working, could only slightly help you. The person I know gets additional financial assistance from his parents.

I wouldn't generalize that life in Australia is miserable in terms of being expensive. That's all subjective to the person stating this fact due to what their salary compared to another person. Not all new immigrants moving to a new country such as Australia will have the same type of job and the lifestyle they had from the country they had left. Many times people are approved for visas but that doesn't come with a job opportunity.

Is your plan to want to work in Australia or Canada after you finish your studies?  You probably want to research and compare each country's cost of living, job opportunities, salary,etc. to determine which country is better suited for you.  It might be true that Australia is expensive in terms of some things. However, I am sure there are regions in Canada where things are expensive too. I think it also greatly falls on what your salary will be and what kind of life style you want to live and the city where you want to live.

I live in Melbourne and maybe I can help you a little

If you want to live close to the city, most of times you don't need to pay train, you can walk.

The best suburbs are in South East but they are expensive then others, you will pay for a normal house close to AU$1400.00 and a good one close to AU$1700.00 a month.

North areas you can pay close to AU$1000.00 but they say that is not the safest area in here, my opinion, it still good, not that dangerous.

North West areas, it is so far and takes long by train to go to the city but with AU$1200.00 you can rent a big, really big awesome house

Keep in mind the distance between the house that you are looking for and the next train station, if you do not have car can be painful to walk.

hope that helps