How to get married in the Philippines (Filipino-French)

It depends on nationality. I got married in Cebu two years ago first get certificate from Embassy here that you are both free to marry(I got it done in 15mins in the UK embassy in Manila). Then need to register at the civil registration then intend to get married also attend a seminar in same place after you got that next step is the court to register and book there. They will not give you a timescale as it is a lottery to see which Judge will marry you and when. It took us about two months. I not know what you do for reception but can be costly (20k for venue (that included 15k drinks) and 20k for catering (that was late and shite). Would be happy to help you here in Cebu if you wish.

Hi me and my BF french national we met in Singapore and also we work both there..we stay together like a live in we're planning to get married here in Philippines,I'm here in Philippines now because I'm pregnant and my french BF he is coming here in Philippines this august is possible to get legal capacity to marry once he arrived here in Philippines? How long does it take? Because he has only two weeks holiday in Philippines, because he will start of his new job in France this coming September 4! So it's very rush! It is possible we can marry here even he has only two weeks holiday? Especially I'm pregnant now!

Thank you 🙏

It depends where you live and who you know, if you live in the province somewhere and you or someone in your family knows the the mayor of your local town then I think it's possible to pre-arrange a lot of things before your BF arrives. The main thing is he will have to make an appointment with the French Embassy in Manila to get the legal capacity to marry and he should attend to that, if possible, on the day he arrives in the Philippines. There are many rules about what documents are required to get a marriage licence but apart from the legal capacity to marry most provinces require a birth certificate.

Whatever you do, do not let anyone know you are up against a deadline to get married because in that circumstance it is likely that some official will try to take advantage of you both and expect you to grease some palms,

I speak from experience because the first time I got married in the Philippines I came here for a month and eventually we only managed to get married 2 days before I had to fly home to the UK This was because once various people in official positions realised that we were working to a deadline, all of a sudden so many issues popped up that we had to pay hard cash to resolve.

        Back in November, 1994, after going to US Embassy to get the right to marry paperwork, which included my wife showing the embassy letters we had exchanged, we went to Ilocos Sur and applied for a marriage license.  We had to wait 10 days after applying for the license to actually get married.  We could have gotten married on the 17th, but because of local numerology superstitions, we waited until the 18th.  It is considered bad luck to get married on a date when writing the number ends with a down stroke.  So no one gets married on the first, 4th,7th, 9th,11th,14th,17th, 19th,21st,24th,27th,29th, or 31st.  Good luck.

So I wonder about Cebu Consular office for USA? Anyone know if they can provide the legal capacity to marry letter?

Hello everyone.

Me and my French bf plan to get married here in Philippines. Is there any issues of denied CCAM application?

What are reasons and is there possibility to apply again?

Thank you so much to those who answer me.

@rhealejeune he can get it to he's country? If yes... and if he got it we don't need to go french embassy here in philippines? Thanks

@rhealejeune hello, if he will take legal capacity on his country and he got it... we don't need to go on french embassy makati when he arrive?


Hello, your wife take you cenomar and CCAM alone on French embassy in manila?