Mexico to New Caledonia, do I need visa?

Hello! i'm from Mexico and I wanna go to New Caledonia,I wanna get whether I need a visa or not.

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Hi Pizrock
would you like to come and work or just for holidays ?
you will need a visa if you wanna work there , please check the french embassy website send them a mail ;)

No necesitas visa, Nueva Caledonia es parte de Francia y Mexico pertenece a la OCDE asi que no se requiere visa para entrar a la comunidad europea. SIn embargo tu estancia en nueva caledonia como turista solo dura 3 meses, saludos Jesus

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You should write in English in this English forum so that members can understand. (you can post in spanish in the hispanophone version of the site. :))

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hi there, did you manage to know if you need a visa or not??? as am interested to travel to new caledonia to work as well..

Best thing to do would be to contact a French Embassy as to visa requirements.