How to make friends in Moscow

I we like to make a friend in Moscow

I'm new to Moscow. Can you tell which website you used?

Hi. I'm new in this city. Would be glad to make new friends here.

Hello! I am new here, too. I speak Russian and therefore may be of use for you.
Please, call me right now.

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Oh! I have a son 6 years old, we often spend time at the playgrounds and I am surprised to read about this strange reaction, you have described...

Hi everyone! I don't know about tips, but from my perspective, Russian people are more straight to the topic and honest compared to American culture (for example where people like to smile, but behind the smile, you don't know what they are thinking).

If you want to have a Russian friend, be yourself. Russians may look cold and rough in the beginning but more you know them, more you understand how kind and helpful they are.

Use internet

You are right,Alexander

Just apply for studies.  Government  even   sponsore good  ones, depending on your previous numbers from school. Type "study in Russia" on Yandex and you gonna get first source informations for free.  This is legal way.


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