Eurovision Night in Nantes

Hi folks!

I hope all of you are enjoying Nantes, especially now, when spring is coming and flowers blossom :)

What about meeting together for the Eurovision Night?
It turns out that I am organising the event in Gigg's pub in front of Cathedral St. Pierre and St. Paul.

The date is May 13, it's Saturday of course :) The transmission will start around 9 pm.

All are welcome! It's gonna be fun!


I've been to a few around Europe - always a great event. :)

Hey Roza

Why not create a Free Event here? You might get a better response.

On another note, I was out in Vienna when Austria won, the city was buzzing that night.

Thanks for the tip ! I imagine it had to be crazy in Vienna that night :D
I am sure it will be great whoever wins :)

If you are in Nantes come and join the party :D

Please join the event :) … antes.html