visa charges deducting by company


                              One of my friend having 2 years working visa in oman , he worked for 1 year then he wants to discontinue and go back to india , so the company will deduct his visa money ,if anybody knows regarding this pls reply back.

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Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of his Contract it must be stated there and you can do nothing about it.

Hi all

I came to Oman in December 2017 and i did not like the work and facilities. I wants to go back to India, company accepted and relieving me in March 2018. My position will be replaced my another candidate from India.

I have worked only for three months, hence the company asking me to pay the full VISA amount of OMR 411.air ticket fee and other expenses around 140 OMR, totaling to 550 OMR

First, i wants to know whether the Ministry of Oman will reimburse any amount for this cancellation of within 3 months to the company?

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Hi Vijay0404,

There is no official rule about the employer recovering anything from the employee. And you don't have to officially or legally pay anything from your pocket.

So, if you wish to fight it out with your employer, you can report your employer's demands to the Indian Embassy officials and they would mediate with your employer on your behalf.

Thank you. i will try it out

also it is a big problem  for me i will pay for complete visa cost every 2 years and also i will pay for all the tickets

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