Difference of privileges of Engineer & Technician Visa in Oman?


I am working for a Spanish IT Company since 10 years in Pakistan as a system support Engineer. I have 18 Years of IT Experience in different classified fields. But I don't have Engineering Degree.
Now my company wants me to join their Oman office but Oman Govt. is giving me Technician visa instead of Engineer Visa!
Kindly tell what are the difference of privileges in Engineer and Technician Visa?

If someone has already answered this type of question before then please send me that link.
I will be really grateful.

Hi hammadmohsin,

The government has no role to play in the designations being given to the expatriate employees. It is something which only the hiring sponsor / employer would decide.

The reason for this change in designation is the hiring company would take on the new joinee expatriate in whatever 'labour clearance' they have got.

By accepting a lesser category, the employee would be the one to suffer the most. A higher designation would mean better benefits, while a lower designation would have limited advantages. The disadvantages would be broad and wide.

The forum contains more than enough information and details. It requires some basic effort from the part of those who want to know what these information and details are.

I tried to search but couldn't find the similar question. Whoever asked this type of question.. was answered to look search the forum.
I will be really grateful to you if you suggest me any post. Please

Hi hammadmohsin,

Is it really so hard for you to do a simple site search - using various combinations of keywords ??

What I have found, you too can ... if only you had tried ... enough.

Here are a few links ... but there are so much more too, for those who really desire to know :





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