How about the 2017 security issues of expats there in Lae?

How about the 2017 security issues of expats there in Lae? Please add inputs.Thanks!


Lately, there haven't been any major security issues because the Police have been performing above and beyond expectations and they have been aggressively shutting criminal activity down as soon as they pop up.

There are cases where tribal wars break out for example in Boundary Road - they have been having clashes on and off as well as burning of houses but this is isolated from the city area and Police are dispatched to those locations to break up the fights.

They have been clearing some illegal settlements as well just over the past few weeks but a security alert was sent out to companies so that their staff could be extra careful when driving in close proximity to these areas being cleared.

There are a large number of security companies that patrol the streets as well as Police so Lae is mostly safe.

That doesn't mean we as expats are free to move about anywhere and everywhere we please. We still need to familiarise ourselves with the red and green zones so that we go where we can and stay away from the dangerous areas and always move about with caution because you never know what can happen. There are always opportunists out there who will spot an expat and think ''easy target/easy money''

Just some key points to remember:
1. Don't dress too flashy
2. Don't carry a lot of cash, jewelery or your phones with you and if you do, hide them in your pockets. I hardly carry cash. It is always card transactions.
3. Always lock your doors and windows
4. Park where you are in sight of security personnel and in a secure parking lot

This just helps you stay safe when you move about!

I hope this helps.


Thank you Ms Annie Sophia for your helpful tips and inputs. I have been doing my research pretty well about Lae and PNG in general because of the nature of job that I will be subjected to. I will be likely on  outdoor sales & marketing activities with the PNG's leading distributor company ...and this requires a lot of travel and area penetration. Do you particularly have read any incident  reports involving a roving tradesman? kidnapping and murder maybe?

Monermoscoso, you are most welcome. I am grateful to be of help.

A friend of mine and a fellow expat is also a salesman and he travels along the highway to the Highlands region often and there isn't any issues because as you build your relationships, showing courtesy and respect, you will hardly to never come across any problems.

I would suggest that the first few times you travel, go with a local staff member because they'll be able to tell you about places and give you tips or information as you go along.

I haven't heard or read of any recent murders or kidnapping (of expats) although there are a lot of accidents because the roads are not so good and the road rules are not always followed. That just means you'll have to practice good defensive driving and ensure the company gives you a good off road vehicle.

I'm not saying that there aren't any hijackings or roadblocks because this has happened in the past and I have heard a few stories but this is why you'll need to be aware of your surroundings as you travel and as suggested, take a local staff member with you so that they can help you identify red flag areas and also give you tips on how to deal with the locals as well.

Lastly, Lae is a beautiful place and I've met great friends here. If you decide to work here, I'm sure it will be the same for you.

I do wish you well.


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I have been living here in Lae for the past four years and with GODS guidance havent experienced any untoward incident.

As long as you dont go out late at night and wearing any expensive jewelries or accessories people dont mind.

Also, make sure that your house is secure and always lock the door inside and out.

People here are friendly and if it happens that some rascals threaten you life and ask you for money just give it to them they wont hurt you.

Enjoy your life..

like anywhere in the world, if you are careful about what you are doing you will be fine. You will find so much negative press on Lae online it is sad to read.

Can I suggest  a website that is specifically for those considering moving to Lae then check it out. it is very detailed and provides everything you need to know. There are some social media links to follow so you can and read for yourself things that are going on at this point in time.


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