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Hello, could someone recommends a good affordable hospitals in Bangkok that specializes in Orthopedic/knee surgery please? Bumrungrad and Bangkok hospital come to mind but want to see if there are any others that are as good as those two but more affordable. Thank you.

Samitivej in Bangkok is also good. Didn't have an experience with orthopedics with them but went to the place several times for a gyne checkup and gastro issue and so far so good. Cheers.

I haven't had any knee operations in Thailand but I have had one in Malaysia. My recommendation is not just to look for the best hospital but instead to look for the best doctor. That means the one who charges reasonably and has a great reputation.

You should do the background checking on the doctor if you only want to choose the hospital. You may find that a doctor has been or is being sued. Some doctors also perform unnecessary operations.

So please check carefully before committing to having the operation. Incidentally, I have had two surgeries (one in France and one in Malaysia) to remove cracked or damaged cartilage. I actually saw one doctor at a specialist orthopedic center in Malaysia about 7 years ago who told me that my other knee needed operating on. He had a big reputation. He bent my knee this way and that until it really hurt and told me he can operate quite soon. He also quoted 4 to 5 times more than the doctor who did my other knee operation in Malaysia. I got that knee checked again and my old doctor said there was no need to operate on it. He smiled when I told him what had happened at that famous specialist center.

If you are covered by your medical insurance then you could check with how quickly the insurance would pay. My insurance company at the time paid directly when I checked out of the hospital and they paid 100%.

don't know about Bangkok, but one hours flight up North at Chiangmai Suan Dok's Shripat clinic, so far, I have not been disappointed.
Sripat is a bit more expensive than the Hospital proper, but most Doctor there seem to be teaching as well what sounds like a good recommendation.
From their Thai language website:
Orthopedic Clinic

Providing treatment services for bone and joint diseases By medical and orthopedic professors, such as spine disease, tumor, bone cancer, sports medicine, arm and wrist, foot and knee Bone disease in children, etc.

I agree with Shill8823, it's best to look into a doctor who is renowned for doing a good job as the venue won't count at all if you end up in the hands of an incompetent person who will likely do more harm.

My Dad had his done at Phayathai 2 and that was excellent. He had his other knee done in the UK and the service and surgery here were much better.

That's because most medical practitioners and dentists at top rated hospitals and dental clinics in Thailand are educated abroad.

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