How can I find a permanent job for french speaker in India?

Hello Family.

I keep searching a permanent job in india but it is so difficult.
I did many interviews. I cleared them but the only issue was the work permit.
They don't want to hire a foreigner I guess.
I am currently in internship with Tata Consultancy Services  but I am looking for a permanent job now.
Any suggestion, any idea from you all would be great.
I speak fluently English and French, with a background of IT and customer services.
I look forward to reading your answers.

It is very unlikely to get a job on employment visa as almost a fresher. As a foreigner you don't have a job permit. You must be on AIESEC now I suppose. Current minimal monthly salary for Employment Via eligibility is aprox. 1lakh 35tousand (16lakh+ annual) RS. So you need to find a company who is ready to pay you so much and issue all the needed documents and wait for you to go to your home country and come back (as you cannot convert AIESEC to employment from India - plus each employment visa needs to be applied from home country). There is some exception for language lecturers but it is better to confirm with FRRO as they may not register you if your annual salary is below aprox. 16lakh.
You can get job permit through marriage with Indian. You can apply for it after 2 years of marriage + 3-4months of waiting for issuing OCI.

Hello Magdalanea.
Thanks for sharing all these informations.
Yes, i am currently in Aiesec internship with TCS. My internship will finish in may, but i can extend for 6months again.
I wish to find an international company which can accept to sponsoring my employment visa.

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