Is there any license i should have to work as a dentist there ?

Hello :) hope you all having a good day :)
I'm from Egypt 23 years old dentist "General practitionist"
Italy was always my dream land specially Venice, as my gf and I are literally fighting for our happy ending, in venice :).  I tried to find any groups or forums for the dentists community in Italy, but no chance.
I would like to ask what are the requirements for me to work there, I'm willing to learn Italian, but is there any license that I should have to work in Italy? Please let me know.
If there any dentist who would like to help please let me know or contact me :)

Hi ! To work here your educational qualifications must be recognized by our government.  It's possible to get your titles recognized. You have to ask to the italy embassy or consulate in your country. Here it's a like to the procedure for canadian citizens, but it's similar for all non-europeans citizens: … za_titoli/

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