Expats in Quang Ngai?

Hi there, I am a teacher from new Zealand.  I have just started work in Quang Ngai. Are there any expats there and if so I would love to meet up.

Looking forward to hearing from someone.

Im in QN which is just a few hrs south, sometimes run a very nice hostel which is a bit north of QN in nhin hai, which is a bit closer still.

nhon hai, sorry

I wonder if any of the English language Nazis will be coming  forth with their two cents worth.

Thanks for your reply Thaiger! It is indeed a wee bit further south..like 4 hours. But I might make the trip one day and look you up if thats okay?

Please do, sorry 2 say, quang ngai is a bit dull at best; had a friend who was desperate to get me to teach there a while back and salary correspondingly higher.

I didnt really rate the place or people much.

Oh okay, I have only been here two weeks and still exploring. All is new to me.

colinoscapee :

I wonder if any of the English language Nazis will be coming  forth with their two cents worth.

Hey Colinoscapee....That's a bit strong!  :lol:

Deep six, having seen some Nazis attack people over simple mistakes, I thought it was appropriate.  :top:

Yes i am living in Quang Ngai . I am from London and working as a Civil Engineer.
My email is ***

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We just arrived in Quand Ngai. We desperately need to find a guide or translator who speak good english. We contact you to ask for your help as it is very difficult for us to communicate with the people who don't speak english.
Could you help us ?
Thank you in advance

When will you need and how long?


I am planning a move to Quang Ngai from India in July and will be working in the oil refinery.

Can someone help me with the details about the following:
1) I am a vegetarian so how difficult is it to find veggie food?
2) How is the public transportation in the city?
3) Do most people speak English in this city?
4) Are there any indian restaurants in the city?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi There,

How has your experience been so far living in Quang Ngai?


Are you stil here?

ATPlato :

Are you stil here?

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