How to make friends in the Seychelles

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in the Seychelles :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in the Seychelles??

Thanks in advance for your participation

contacting me :D

Seychellois people are very friendly and easy going.  A simple hello will be enough.

Your friendship are very welcome.

Maggie_luv :

Seychellois people are very friendly and easy going.  A simple hello will be enough.

Your friendship are very welcome.

Agreed. A small hello and Hi is enough. Sooner or later the same person probably will see you on the road and call you...

i think its always easy to know someone frm seychelles before you go there, cox almost everyone knows everyone and it will sooner than later you will know eveyone who is anyone :)

Helo friend i am from Nigeria thinking of relocating to Seychelles to work,i really need a friend from Seychelles who can talk with my phone number is +2347060404992 you can also message me i will call you.thanks

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ppl what r u talking about here? stop being so boring
the problem in the seychelles is not making new friends, but making new normal friends

and by the way ur "small hello or hi" is not even necessary..u will hear "hello" in creole 100 times per day from the locals whether u want it or not

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The topic here is "How to make friends in the Seychelles" so what other advises can you share with us?

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Seychellois people are very friendly and nice but don't allow you easily into their small circles. Respect the difference in cultures and don't try too hard to fit won't. Racism and prejudice is alive and well in the Seychelles.
If you are really desperate for making friends join a sport club. Maybe after some time has passed and people got to know you they will allow you into their group.

Hello, My name is Aaron a Ghanaian born and bred up in Nigeria. I specialize in POP ceiling decoration and 3D floor tile,  and I'm 31 year of age. I sincerely desire to have a good friend from Seychelles, because I intended to move down to Seychelles. These are my mobile contact phone number *** I will appreciate a fill back from you, thank you.

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