Special Needs Schools!!!!

Hello everyone,

My husband got a job offer in Jubail and waiting for the visa. My daughter and I will have to move few months after him, my daughter is 9 years old and has autism/learning disabilities.
I was wondering if there are some special educational school in Jubail?

Any information will be really appreciated!!! Moving from the States and nervous about not knowing what a Jubail will offer when to comes to bringing a special need kid.

I'm speech and physiotherapist
Can I help you

Hi May I please get your contact number. I'am also looking for school for my son who has special needs.

Thank you so much.

Hi Henry,
I'm moving this summer to Jubail and I'm still looking for any info I can get. Sadly I still don't have anything yet.

Mahwish where r u from?? My son is autistic he also need speech therapy and occupational therapy and ABA as well.. i came to jubail 1 month ago..

Hello, my daughter has autism too and we are waiting for the visa to Jubail. Since you are already there you may be able to see what Jubail has to offer for autistic kids.

Still didnt get any therapist for my autistic son.. too much upset

Did u come to jubail?? Find any therapist or not

Not yet I'm still in the states, the process is so long.

I found occupational therapist and speech therapist in Royal Commission Hospital jubail.

hi Mehwish can I get your contact number. I am looking a speech therapist for my daughter. You can contact me on my email *** or phone ***

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Did u come to jubail??

I am certified speech and language pathologist  in khobar. If anyone need help regarding speech therapy you can msg me.

I’m living in jubail and certified speech language pathologist from Pakistan

How r u?? My son is autistic and 8 years old..
I also live in Jubail, kindly send me your contact details.


Inbox me for further details

Hi everyone,
I am a Speech Language Pathologist in Jubail.
Those who need any help regarding articulation disorders,Autism Spectrum disorders,ADHD,speech delay,Learning Disability,Cerebral Palsy and other speech and language disorders please contact.

Hi everybody,
@Aliasabir, Anam zahra and Yasra

I suggest you all to register in the Jubail business directory. Members interested in your services can more easily contact you.
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Thanks in advance.
Expat.com Team :cool:

Hi!Yasra can we get your contact no.Because my son needs some special training.we are looking for a special trainee...thank you

My Daughter studying in level 6 at Mariya International School. she has some alphabets pronunciation problem as well not speak with clarity. Please advise your contact detail or call me***

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kindly provide me your details on my mail ***.i have same problem for my 3years old kid

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Yasra please provide you contact detail for my kid to get treated.she is now 3years old

Hello Yasra,
I’m also from India and looking for Speach therapist for my daughter. Pls share ur contact number with me or call me on ***

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  Can you give me ur contact number please

i need speech therapy for kid he is 5 year old he have Down syndrome


I need Speach therapist for my son who is 5 year now.
My son having Down syndrome he can do all activities but speech dealy.
i need ur help to get him speech therapy

Can anyone share information regarding autism related special needs schools for my 4 year old son? (Non-arabic medium)
I’ll be moving to jubail and will bring my family into Saudi soon inshaAllah.
Any help will be much appreciated.

I am looking for a therapist for my son with Autism he's 4 in Jubail or nearby
Please inbox me


Hi; are you still in Jubail? I would like to refer some clients.

is there any school for special kids. My son is autistic and we are in jubail..if anyone knows he can message me at whatsapp ***

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if you are looking for private therapies you can contact me . I will guide you

Have you shifted in jubail. Did you get any school or therapist?

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