Speaking Malay in Brunei

Hi everyone,

It is widely agreed that speaking Malay is essential for a successful integration in Brunei. Do you agree? Share your experience!

Do you speak Malay? If so, where did you learn this language? Where can one attend a language course in Brunei?

If not, how do you cope with daily activities? Is it easy to communicate in a different language with Bruneians?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Ya...you can learn the Malay language within a year.But for local interaction, u need to talk Malay.

Yes, its bonus. English or American is widely use.

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Yes I speaks Malay since I did My MSc and PhD in Malaysia, mastering the local language of any country , will make your life easier, but I think English in Brunei is widely used.

Hi ,
Nice to hear and many many thanks for your asking. Actually I have little experience about this. So I am unable to share you any idea.Looking forward to hearing you.
Thanking you.

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Waliul Islam Sikder

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